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In this section you will find sample medical cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on medical jobs.

Medical Cover LetterYour cover letter should convey your experience and skills as a medical professional or nurse. A medical cover letter is an important professional document that is sent with the medical resume to apply for any job opening. It should highlight the skills and experience that the recruiters are looking for in a candidate. Draft your cover letter using professional language. To make sure that you include all the essential points make a list of important details you wish to include in your cover letter. The medical and nursing cover letters should place focus on the skills, qualifications, experience and training that are necessary for the medical field.

Important points to be noted when you are drafting a medical and nursing cover letters are as follows:

Specify the Job Profile: There are varied job openings in medical field. Make sure you clearly specify the job profile and department you desire to work for. It may happen that there might be other job openings in the organizations as well and you cover letter may get directed to the wrong department. Hence, it is essential to mention the job profile and department correctly. For example: if you want to apply for the post of nurse practitioner in the intensive care unit, then mention it in your medical resume. Mentioning these details will let the recruiter know that you are applying for a specified job profile and not a generic nurse job profile.

Professional Experience: In the introductory paragraph, just mention the highlight of your work experience. In the body of the cover letter, provide the details of your achievements and expertise you gained through your previous jobs. You can even use bullet points to list important details of your work experience. The recruiter can easily go through these points. Because this job profile is related to the medical field, mention your proficiency to use medical tools. Those applying for technical, clerical or management jobs in medical field should mention their relevant work experience related to medical field. For example: If you are applying for receptionist job in a hospital, you need to highlight the skills necessary to deal with visiting hospital such as patients, their relatives, visitors, doctors etc. Include details that are specific to the medical field.

Training and Education: In the medical field, you need specific academic qualification for a particular job profile. Hence, mention your education details in the cover letter. Highlight the degree, which is a must to be eligible for the job. Those applying for nurse job should mention the details of nurse license and training attended. If you are applying for job in any specific department, then mention the details of special training you have attended. Entry-level candidates can mention their internship experience and the training they have attended during internship. List your achievements during your academics.

Interpersonal Skills: In medical job, you need to deal with patients, their families, social worker etc. Hence, mentioning your interpersonal skills will be considered as an added advantage. If you have worked in the emergency department, then mention that you are able to handle the family members of patients. You can even mention the details such as you explained the patient family about the precautions and medicines to be taken after discharge. Provide the details of how you build a rapport with the patient and their family and also maintained discipline.

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