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Cover Letter for Medical Jobs (Nursing)

Cover letters: a very common and frequently used piece of document these days. Today, everybody prefers to use cover letters to convey any kind of official message or proposal. Phone calls take a back seat in these matters. People tend to find letters as a more convenient mode of communicating device.

Cover letters can be branched out into many categories. They are used for various purposes like: job acceptance, job acknowledgement, salary negotiation, resignation, thanking the employer, reference to suggestion, recommendation, follow–up and many more of this kind.

A follow–up cover letter is written in order to be in regular and continuous contact with the employer or recruiter. As the name denotes, such a cover letter is generally written after a conversation or talk with the employer or recruiter. The purpose of this letter is to thank the caller for the consideration that he has shown in taking out time to call you.

The basic rules of writing a cover letter are applicable here also. You have to be careful about the language and the structure of the letter and maintain a formal pattern. You can take the assistance of the pattern of the sample given below to create and draft your cover letter.

Follow Up of Telephone Call

George P. Williams,
"Williams' Cottage"
125, Broad St,
New York, NY 10004-2400,
(212) 549-2500.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Fernando J. Bryant,
International Hospital,
4998 Austin Secret Lane,
Scofield, UT 84526.

Dear Mr. Byrant,

I write this letter to express my sheer happiness in talking to you yesterday. When I had applied for this post, I had some doubts regarding the profile of the job. I was not very clear about the job description that was put up on the site. I really had this misconception that probably my qualifications did not match with the profile of the job. But now I am assured that it was indeed a misconception, and my decision to apply for the post was absolutely correct.

I would genuinely like to thank you for the kindness that you extended in solving my queries. I was also surprised by the amount of patience that you displayed in explaining to me the profile details. Because generally I have seen that people who are busy like you hardly have the patience to talk in such a detailed manner. I really appreciate it. I am enclosing my updated resume along with this letter. Kindly go through it and take into consideration my interest.

I am very keen to join your firm, that too as soon as possible. I hope that you would be sharing the same amount of interest in hiring me.

I look forward to meet you soon and talk to you.


George P. Williams,
Senior Student, Nursing,
ISN, New York.

1. Resume – myresume.doc
2. Letter of appreciation by The Head of Department, Nursing, ISN. – appletter.doc

Sample Cover Letter for Follow Up of Telephone Call

Kathleen R. Pruitt,
1614 Sunny Glen Lane
918 F St. NW,
Cleveland, OH 44115,
(216)-865 7971.

Date: 27, May 2009.

Ms. Freda J. Woods,
GHI Hospital,
2799 Willow Oaks Lane,
Lafayette, LA 70506.

Dear Ms. Woods,

Thank you so much for calling me today morning. I really appreciate your consideration. I had tried to contact you but I could not get through. I think there was some network error yesterday. But thank you so much for contacting me today. Actually I wanted to get some information regarding the profile of the job. The responsibilities that I shouldered in my previous organization were a bit different from those mentioned on your site. So I was a bit perplexed whether or not to apply for the post. But now that my doubts are solved I am very much sure about my plans.

I am very keen to attend the interview that is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I would look forward to meet you and talk to you in detail regarding the other aspects of this profile. Once again thank you so much.


Kathleen R. Pruitt.

1. Resume – myresume.doc
2. Certificate of appreciation, Regional Hospital. – appletter.doc


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