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Sample Lab Technician Cover Letter

The input given by lab technicians in treating any type of diseases in human beings as well as animal is vital as it lays the foundation for the treatment. They collect the specimen, research, analyze and draft a report of their testing. Lab technicians are technical people who have the training to use special equipment or machines in the testing of diagnostic samples.

Depending on the place of working, they are also called a clinical laboratory technician or a medical laboratory technician. Lab technicians work in research laboratory, clinics, medical centers, and pharmaceutical companies. The job responsibilities may also vary as such. However, getting an employment in spite of numerous places of employment is not easy. You have to brace yourself with a resume and a cover letter for your job search.

Tips to write lab technician cover letter

  • Start by referring to the job advertisement, and the publication or the job portal you learned about the job posting. Identify the person who suggested you to apply for the job. The employer may contact that person to know about you.

  • The next two paragraphs should convey how you are an ideal candidate for the job. Let them know that you have already handled the medical equipments and the machines used in the laboratory. Specify any medical degree and training as a lab technician. Name the institute or the university you have completed your degree from. Describe your leadership and management skills you have from working in the laboratory. Highlight the methods and procedures you are following while working in the lab. Convince them that they can trust you to keep patients’ information confidential.

  • Do not simply write that you are waiting for an interview call at the end of the cover letter. The employers are already busy, and you will keep wondering why you have not received a call. You should rather state your opinion on following up for the interview. Thank the employers for their time even though the application is requested by them.

Lab Technician Cover Letter

Barbara Giorgi
1500 Research Street
Lab City, Report State – 00000
Phone: (513) XXX-1234

October 3, 2011

Richard Day
ABC Research Center
1450 Technician Street
Lab City, Report State – 00001

Dear Mr. Day,

The job opening for a lab technician position in your research center published in the Daily News caught my attention. I feel now is the time to fulfill my dream I have been chasing so long to work with the most reputed research center in a medical field. Please accept my application and a resume as a candidate for the position.

I have nine years of experience as a lab technician. I have analyzed, tested, drafted and presented hundreds of medical reports. I am efficient in all aspects of lab research work. I am comfortable in using all the equipments and machines used in the laboratory. My skills include testing, reviewing and presenting reports on various specimens.

At present, my responsibilities are to obtain, store and distribute all chemicals, narcotics and pharmaceuticals. Having worked for so long as a lab technician, I am aware of the job nature. The lab technician has to maintain a confidentiality level, produced quick and accurate report and should have a complete knowledge about the industry. Along with these qualities, I also have a bachelor’s degree in science from XYZ University. My special subjects were biology, and genetics science.

With my employment, I would bring—good communication skills, research and analytical talents, trouble-shooting ability, and knowledge about the lab safety methods and procedures.

I will call you in next week to know whether my application has been short-listed or not. If you have any questions, call me anytime as it would be a pleasure to clear your doubts.

Yours sincerely,

Barbara Giorgi

Enclosure: Resume

This lab technician cover letter sample talks about the position it is written for, including the name of the newspaper the job ad has been published. The writer also details the years of experience and responsibilities handled, and expresses knowledge about the industry. We hope the given tips, and this sample letter is enough to provide you ideas for your cover letter.


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