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Physical therapists treat people having mobility problems due to injury from sports, accidents or other medical conditions. Their main job is to relieve pain and help patients to regain their normal condition. Physical therapists work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, old-age homes, or rehabilitation centers.

The demand for physical therapists in the medical industry is growing each day due to injuries and accidents. However, the competition to get a job in this profession is stiffer. Each year, numbers of graduates earn their physical therapist degree and search for a job in the medical industries. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a physical therapist cover letter that will set you apart from other aspiring candidates.

Given below are the tips on writing physical therapist cover letter.

  • Cover letters are professional documents that are written to show the hiring managers how you are qualified for the position. So, try to type the cover letter in the computer rather than hand writing it, even though you’re good in hand writing.

  • There are two types of cover letters—solicited and unsolicited. The solicited cover letter is sent when the employers have requested your application. The latter one is sent when you are applying to inquire any possible job opening. Whichever is your reason for writing, just inform the readers the position you are applying for and from where you came to know about the job opening.

  • In the job positing, employers detail the skills and qualifications they require. This will help you in writing the cover letter. Highlight those listed skills and experiences by providing an example on how you can meet those requirements.

  • Physical therapists are required to maintain proper records of the patients they are treating. You will have to refer to those records and plan your treatment accordingly. Include your organization skills in the cover letter.

  • In some state, physical therapists have to secure a license to practice their profession. If you have it, mention the license details in the cover letter. Alternatively, inform the employers that you have already applied for the exam conducted by the state board.

  • Request an opportunity to meet with the hiring managers at the end of the letter. Thank them for considering your application.

Physical Therapist Cover Letter

Robert S. Campbell
664 Mutton Town Road
Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone: (360) 676-0633

September 12, 2011

Michael R. Chavarria
Hiring Manager
24x7 Rehabilitation Center
1188 Rafe Lane
Bellingham, WA 98220

Dear Mr. Chavarria,

I have been informed by Ms. Rose Mendes, medical receptionist that soon there is going to be a job opening for the position of a physical therapist in your rehab center. As I am interest in working in your organization, I am writing this cover letter to show you my creditability for the position.

In my seven years of physical therapist experience, I have worked as a physiotherapist for sports and accident injuries. As I have a sports background, I am interested in working for athletes and help them perform better with my physical therapy experience. Your organization is the right place for me to use my skills and experience to the maximum.

I am good in providing all sorts of physical therapy that includes massage, heat treatment, ice and water. I am extremely gifted and can heal any sort of physical injuries. I maintain proper records of patients being treated by me. I can train and teach athletes in using all sorts of equipments used in physical therapy.

I am a licensed physical therapist and I have received training in this profession from the best college of the state. Since I love to relieve athletes from injury pain, and secure more knowledge, I attended numerous seminars and training on physical therapy conducted state wise.

I am confident that your rehab center will be hugely benefited by employing me for the position. I would like to request a personal meeting with you on your convenience. Thank you for reading this cover letter.


Robert S. Campbell

Enclosure: Resume

The given tips and this physical therapist cover letter sample will help you in getting your dream job. Inform the employers that you can combine your physical therapy skills in producing the desired results.


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