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Sample Psychologist Cover Letter

When you are trying for a psychologist position, you have to send a psychologist cover letter and a resume. You should take the advantage of writing it to build a relationship with the employers. It is your chance to outline your overall qualifications and experiences to the readers. Most importantly, it saves the readers’ time as they can understand your suitability for the job at one glance. It will, however, depend on how you have presented your skills on the cover letter.

Now, let’s find what the selectors would like to see in the candidate applying for the psychologist position. Consider the following points:

First, they would like to see whether the candidate knows about the company he/she is expressing interest to work for. The efforts taken to find information about the company would show them that the candidate is really interested and have applied his/her thoughts for applying. Here, you can describe something about the organization that made you to apply.

For instance, when the job opening is in a hospital that you want to work in, write “I am deeply interested to work in your hospital as it provides the state-of-art technology for patients suffering from mental disorders. A recent survey conducted by the AAA Association revealed that your hospital hold the honor in treating maximum number of patients suffering from this disorders.”

After briefing about your interest to work with the employers, next thing they will try to find is your educations and training you have taken to enhance your skills for the job. Specify your degree and the certification programs you have attended. The place from where you have secured your education is also important. Some universities hold a reputation in providing psychology education where getting an admission is not an easy task. If you are talented enough to have earned the degree from such reputed university, add an impact by mentioning the name.

For example: “I have earned my psychology degree from AAA University. The syllabus which they cover while teaching behavioral science and psychology is something that can’t be compared with any other university in the state. That is the reason why I am so confident and knowledgeable in this profession.”

In the experience section, provide information where you have worked and since how long. Describe some of the responsibilities you have shouldered and need to perform in the current position, if selected. If the job listing says that they are looking for a professional, who has provided psychology treatment for hospital patients, write: “I have worked in XYZ hospital for the last three years where I have diagnosed and treated patients suffering from mental disorders. I follow a standard procedure of treatment where I interact with patients and then decide the course of treatment.”

As a psychologist, the main part of your job will be to counsel people in group or individually. Give example to the employers that you love to work with people, and you are good in making them understand the treatment you are providing them. In addition to being a good communicator, the employers should also know whether you have the patience to listen to patients’ problems. This is necessary when conducting a counseling or therapeutic interview. As you know, your job will start only after knowing the problems faced by the people you are treating.

If you have read and reached till here, have some more patience and scroll down. You will find a list of different psychologist cover letter samples written for all those disciplines where you can work as a psychologist.


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