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Sample Thank You Cover Letter After Interview

Cover Letter for Medical Jobs (Nursing)

You may be satisfied by the way you have attended the interview. Perhaps, you may also be confident in getting a job offer from the employer. However, there is still some distance to be covered between the offer letter and a call from the employer. If you take a little effort and write a thank you cover letter to the interviewer, you may probably shorten the distance and earn the job, because very few candidates actually take that extra effort in sending the thank you letter after interview.

The letter should be written immediately after attending the interview. This will help you to recall all the things you have noticed during your interview. List down the points you liked about the company or the people interviewing you. I am saying people, because there might be more than one person who has interviewed you. If that has happened with you, write the letter to each person. List down something you have admired about them while being interviewed. Talk about the vision of the company. Include good things you have noticed in your interview visits.

Tips to write thank you cover letter:

  • First paragraph: Open the letter by thanking the interviewer and state that you enjoyed the meeting and discussions shared during the interview. Remember, the interviewers are professional and does not get carried away by mere compliments or adulation. Say them why you enjoyed and how you are benefited with the interview. Put it straight and include all the realistic things.

  • Second paragraph: Use this paragraph to highlight the good points of the company. It could be the working environment, the opportunity given to the deserving candidates, or the attractive features of the position. You can add your interest for the job and express confidence in performing well by narrating a similar experience from your previous job.

  • Third paragraph: The best part of the thank you cover letter is it gives you an opportunity to talk and clarify on something you were not able to answer or clear in the interview. Use this paragraph and explain why the questions were not being answered when asked and put your views. If there is no question left unanswered from the interview, then you may ignore this paragraph.

  • Fourth paragraph: In this paragraph, express your interest and enthusiasm for the position. Tell them that you are waiting for the opportunity and wants to be a part of the company, and do lots of good things.

Thank You Letter after Interview

Frank C. Ortiz,
3748 Bluff Street,
Annapolis Junction, MD 20701,
(301)-000 7365.

Date: November 7, 2011.

Mr. Carol R. Frazier,
HR Manager,
St. Mary Hospital,
2074 Ray Court,
Annapolis Junction, MD 20701.

Dear Mr. Frazier,

In my 12 years of medical profession, I have never come across such a neat, clean and professional interview session the way you have conducted it. I am truly thankful to you and your team for interviewing me for the position of an orthopedic surgeon. The interview was interesting, and full of fascinating insights about the medical industries and current trends prevailing in the healthcare services.

I was deeply taken aback by the wealth of knowledge you posses in managing such a big healthcare organization. I am fortunate to learn about the psychology your hospital is following in treating patients. I am confident that my experience in performing orthopedic surgery will help me in producing good results your hospital is believed about.

As asked by you, I am enclosing a copy of my experienced certificate. If you need to know anything about me, call Mr. Richard Baton at (301)-000 7985, ext 123. He knows me for the last five years and would be able to answer your questions without any hesitations.

Thank you again for your time and efforts. I am interested to work in your organization and am confident of generating results as per your expectations.


Frank C. Ortiz. 

1. Copy of experience certificates – expletter.doc

Thank you letter is not all about "I". You may be tempted to use this word more, but remember, the letter is written to thank the interviewer and restate your interest for the position and the company. If you truly want to get hired, make use of this sample of a thank you cover letter and brighten your chance.

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