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Sample Thank You Cover Letter To Referrer

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Thank you cover letter is an important document used for many purposes, and it is a very important part of the business mannerisms. We usually send a thank you cover letter for a referrer, after meeting with the referrer or after they have mentored and helped us in some way.

A thank you cover letter is a token of gratitude you feel towards your referrer for helping and guiding you through the crucial stages of your career. The referrer is someone who helps you make important career decisions and guides and motivates you.

They refer you to organizations suitable for your profile and ones that will help you grow. They will handle your interviewer if he/she calls them to inquire about your work. This is a lot of effort on the part of the referrer, and hence you should not waste any chance to thank this real-life messiah.

A proper thank you in the form of a letter is the finest way to go about it. Yes, you should verbally thank your referrer, but a cover letter will seal the deal for you. Use of a one-line email is a pathetic excuse in the name of a thank you cover letter. A proper cover letter says a lot about you; it shows that you are a well–mannered professional who is serious about his/her career. It will lift you even more in the eyes of the referrer.

In the medical field, a referrer will be of crucial help to you. Hence, it is mandatory to send a finely composed thank you letter to them. To give you an idea as to how a thank you letter for your referrer should be written in the medical context, we have given a free sample thank you cover letter as reference:

Thank You Letter to Referrer

Stuart M. Wilkinson,
'Wilkinson's Cottage'
430 Oak Grove St., Ste. 204,
Minneapolis, MN 55403,
(612) 872-7060.

Date: May 10, 2011.

Mr. Stephen Flaming,
National Hospital,
257, Park Avenue South,
New York, NY 12345-6789.

Dear Mr. Flaming,

      Our discussion on my career goals yesterday evening has given me a deep insight about my strengths and skill–sets. I am now reworking on my resume and have included many of your thoughtful suggestions. I will be sending you a copy in a couple of days.

      Thank you, once again, for taking time from your busy schedule to see me. I will keep in touch with you and follow your suggestions on pursuing the internship program with a mid–sized hospital before taking up a job.

Truly Yours,

Stuart M. Wilkinson.

Thank You Cover Letter to Referrer

Daniel Watson,
11233 Ogfield St,
Denver, Colorado.
(803) 888-8888

Date: October 5, 2011

Ms. Maria Craig,
1440 Vine Street,
Denver, CO.
(333) 999-0000

Dear Ms. Craig,

I am writing to thank you for taking time off your busy schedule yesterday and meeting with me to discuss my career path. The review you have given me regarding my resume, strengths, and skills has been valuable and I am reconstructing my resume. I will send you a copy of it as soon as possible.

You have instilled a new confidence in me and I will use it in the best way possible to achieve my career goals. The idea you have given me of working with an NGO before starting my own practice is a really helpful and noble one. I am going to follow your suggestion and keep you posted about any new developments.

This meeting has been like a revival, and I would be very thankful if you would continue to mentor me in my future endeavors as well. Once again, I would like to thank you for being an inspiring personality in my life.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Watson

  • Use of slang words should be avoided while writing formal letters.

  • Check for spelling or grammatical errors and typos.

  • It is important to write a proper letter and not just letters, which seem like micro blogs. Never use one line thank you cover letters.

  • Do not type the name of your referrer wrong.

  • Use of proper salutation(Dear Mr./ Dear Ms./ Dear Sir/ Dear Madam).

  • Formal closing should be used. For Example: Sincerely, truly, yours truly, etc.

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