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Sample Physician Assistant Cover Letter

Starting your career as a physician assistant is the right way to establish yourself in the medical fraternity. Creating an impressive physician assistant cover letter will help you in laying a stepping stone for your success in the health care industry.

The role physician assistants perform in hospitals or in a private clinic run by doctors are crucial. They examine the physical and mental problem of patients, treat, cure and apply medication as per the guidance of the physicians and surgeons. They also check the stock of the medical equipments used in the hospitals.

Since physician assistants are an integral part in the medical organization, the training and qualification required for the position are stringent. On top of that, they have to face tough competition when applying for the job. Hence, a physician cover letter should transfer education, training and experience in an organized manner.

Tips on writing physician assistant cover letter

The starting paragraph of the cover letter is the part where the readers would come to know about you and the reason you have chosen to apply for the physical assistant job. In most of the situations, you will be writing to reply to a job advertisement. This section should convey the readers that you have understood the job requirements, and you are applying in confidence after finding yourself fit for the job.

The body section of the physician cover letter should explain the qualification, training and licenses you have achieved. The employers should know about your internships, previous experience, and initiative taken in volunteering any cause. In addition to your experience, show your love and passion for the profession. As a physical assistant, your primary job will be to help patients. Mention few things that attracted you in this health care profession.

The closing of your physical assistant cover letter should remind the readers on how your skills and experiences can be beneficial for the organization. It should thank them for their time and request them to call you with any questions or doubts.

Physician Assistant Cover Letter

Jamie L. Smith
1092 Davisson Street
Indianapolis, IN 46214
Phone: (765) XXX-7624 Email:

September 15, 2011

Joel A. Steen
Hiring Manager
Fine Health Solutions, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN 46210
Palmyra, MO 63461

Dear Mr. Steen,

This cover letter is a response to the position of a physician assistant listed on the I am a dedicated professional and have the ability to work under any critical situation. I enjoy helping patients and derive a great satisfaction by bringing smiles on their faces through my caring and friendly attitude.

I hold a physical assistant practicing license that I achieved by taking the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam held by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants. I did four years of internship with AAA Hospital, and my work was very much appreciated by Dr. Sarah J. Nicolson. After completing my internship, I have been working with ABC Health Care Center for the last three years where I have improved and developed my skills to a greater extent.

In these three years, I have assisted physicians and surgeons in all sorts of medical procedures. I regularly coordinate with staff from all the departments and take information about their requirements. I have maintained good relationships with medical distributors and take measures to avoid any shortages of medical equipments in the hospital.

Besides my experience, I also possess good communication skills and provide an honest opinion to patients. Working under supervision of medical experts has made me capable of taking decisions under emergencies.

In the end, I would like to express my confidence in improving the patient-care services of your organization to a new level. I sincerely appreciate your effort in reading this cover letter. Feel free to contact me with any doubts or questions.

Yours sincerely,

Jamie L. Smith

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Follow these tips and refer this sample physician assistant cover letter when applying for the job. You will be able to create a cover letter that could entice the readers to call you for the interview.


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