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Sample Physical Therapist Assistant Cover Letter

Your physical therapist assistant cover letter should be drafted as any business letter that you generally draft. Experienced people may have an idea of writing cover letter but if you are fresher and need some help to write your cover letter then probably you have come to the right place. Here we have attempted to give an example of cover letter understanding the requirements of the employers. The below description of the cover letter and job description of a physical therapist assistant will also help you in writing your cover letter.

A cover letter should necessarily contain some important parts within it. It should initially prove your information, as in your name and contact details. You should also write the name of the person in the organization to whom you are addressing the letter to get a job opportunity. Subject line and reference from where you got to know about this position is also necessary in your cover letter. You should then include the main body of the cover letter and end up with a signature. Enlist the attachments that you have enclosed at the end.

Job Description of Physical Therapist Assistant

A physical therapist assistant has to pass a four your degree course of physiotherapy from a recognized university. Especially, physiotherapists with less number of years of experience in this field and those who are have just finished their graduation in this field are hired as assistant physiotherapists. An assistant physical therapist should have the knowledge of various therapy techniques used in reliving the pain and discomfort of the patients. They should have goo interpersonal skills and communication skills to assist the patients whenever necessary. They should also have expertise in various supplementary treatments or medication given along with the therapy. Sometimes if the employer does not require an individual with a degree in physiotherapy, he may also hire an individual who worked in the physiotherapy hospitals providing voluntary assistance to the patients for several years.

The physical therapist cover letter sample given here will help you in writing an impressive letter that can make your job search easier.

Physical Therapist Assistant Cover Letter

Susan Taylor
536 Teakwood Rd.
Fancy Cottage
Ohio 62782
Online correspondence:
Contact number: (738)-282-6277

Date: August 10, 2011

Helen Evans
Therapy Hospital
Ohio 62782

Subject: Application for the position of physical therapist assistant
Reference: Dr. Liam Cornet (Emp. Code: dr 738)

Dear Helen,

With an interest in seeking the position of physical therapist assistant in your hospital I am writing this letter and sending my resume with the reference of Dr. Dr. Liam Cornet a Sr. Physical Therapy specialist in your hospital. I am keenly looking for an opportunity to work with your hospital to improve my skills and utilize my knowledge for maximizing the benefits of the patients.

I have completed my internship from Bone Care Hospital last month with A Grade. I have excellent academic record and willingness to help the patients and provide them best healthcare facilities. I enthusiastic about providing personal assistance for the patients to improve their health conditions at a faster rate.

I would like to entertain a discussion with you personally to know my job responsibilities in details. You can call me on 738-282-6277 or mail me at my personal mail id My resume is self-explanatory about my skills and educational background, but if you need more information I would be pleased to co-operate you.

Looking forward for your reply.

Sincerely yours,
Susan Taylor


  • Resume
  • Degree certificates
  • Internship certificate

Following the above format of physical therapist cover letter you can draft your own appealing cover letter.


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