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Sample Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter

Pharmacy technician works in pharmacies and clinics to assist the licensed pharmacist in handling customers. They dispense the prescribed medicines to customers, prepare the prescribed drugs and even help with some clerical job of the store. They are also required to prepare the drugs as per the doctorís prescription, and ensure that the prepared medication is properly mixed and weighed.

To grab a job in a pharmacy or a clinic, you have to draft your pharmacy technician cover letter to send with your resume. The cover letter is the first-point of contact, and as such it must include the necessary things that can impress the readers in your profile. You can help yourself by stepping into the shoe of the hiring manager, which will give you an idea about the things to be included in the cover letter.

Your pharmacy technician cover letter should not be more than a page. The hiring managers donít have enough time to read your personal history. The aim of the cover letter should be to summarize your skills and experience that is suitable for the job.

The conclusion of the cover letter should excite them to read your resume. You can include the contribution or the benefit the employers can enjoy from your employment in the concluding paragraph. However, before closing, you must either request for an interview or ask the readers to contact you. Remember, some pharmacies are open 24 hours, and you will have to work in a rotational shift. Convey your acceptability to work in shifts.

You can explain the employers how you are fit for their expansion program. If a trust is something they are in need of, show them that you have worked with honesty and have good ethics.

Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter

Dion K. Nash
3500 Medicinal Drive
Newark, CA 94560
Phone: (510) XXX-1932 ē Email:

September 5, 2011

Brogan J. Porterfield
Hiring Manager
Life-Saving Drug Store
10 Life Lane
Newark, CA 94550

Dear Mr. Porterfield,

This is an excellent opportunity that you have provided me to introduce myself by posting the job opening for a pharmacy technical position in the Medical Journal. I am an experienced candidate with seven years of experience having extensive knowledge about the intricacies involved in the pharmacy profession. I am very much interested in sharing my knowledge in your expansion program, as listed in the job posting.

The reason I feel confident to fulfill your requirements is the fact that I have helped my previous two employers to start the pharmacy from the scratch. The plan for the store layout and the furniture were prepared by me. I have surveyed the local area around the store to find out the types of doctors practicing, and the medicines they usually prescribe. Based on my survey, I used to place orders to the distributors so that no customer is returned empty handed.

I have a degree in pharmacy from Angelís University, Newark. I have also participated in events held by my college where we helped local people and distributed free medicines after confirming their ailments. I try to keep my knowledge up-to-date by studying various pharmacy journals. I know the types of drugs that are restricted for manufacturing and sale as per the medical law.

I can help you and contribute a lot in your expansion program with my knowledge and experience. To explain you further, please give me your convenient date and time by calling on my number.

Yours sincerely,

Dion K. Nash

Enclosure: Resume

This sample of a pharmacy technician cover letter is written to inform the employer how the writer can contribute in the expansion program. If you have the similar reason in applying for the job, you are free to use it.


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