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Sample Nursing Assistant Cover Letter

Nursing assistants are one of the important members in hospitals, nursing homes, and health care institutions. Without the nursing service, no organization in the medical field can manage their activities or provide health-care facilities to people. With the help of nursing assistants, the management of medical organizations can relax and concentrate on other activities. Nursing assistants perform the support role for physicians and often work under the supervision of head nurses.

As every country strives to provide the best health care facilities to their citizens, the demand for nursing assistant is growing globally. Nursing is one of the professions that gives you a source of earning and a feeling of self-satisfaction by helping others.

Nursing Assistant’s Job Description The duties performed by nursing assistants are diverse. They save physicians’ time by keeping ready the necessary medical equipments for patients’ treatments. They are required to file the medical records of the patients in the systems. When requested by the physicians, they should also be able to retrieve the record from the systems and present it. Their main job is to help patients who are disabled and are unable to perform their daily activity on their own. They have to feed and groom them, and maintain the hygiene standards.

In the absence of the physicians, the nursing assistants check the important sign of the patients. This includes body temperature, heart beat and blood pressure. With experience, some nursing assistants also provide emotional support to patients as they are the ones who meet them regularly. While performing their job, they also develop a cordial relationship with patients’ relatives and friends, and update them about the treatment.

From the job description of a nursing assistant, we can at least create a general outline about the employers’ expectations from the candidate applying for this position. To start with, your nursing assistant cover letter should convey your ability to assist physicians in their work, filing and retrieving experience of medical records, patient-care attitude, and knowledge about medical terminology and checking patients’ conditions in physicians’ absence. The cover letter must include your experiences in developing relationships with patients’ relatives and families. Based on these outlines, we can draft the following nursing assistant cover letter. However, these outlines will differ from employers’ expectations, which they often mention it while posting the job opening.

Nursing Assistant Cover Letter

John W. Mill
700 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Home: (410) 230-2700 • Mobile: 4087685736 • Email:

August 20, 2011

Dr. John Samson
Chief Medical Officer
Rays of Hope Clinic
Suite 1020, Injection Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21235

Dear Dr. Samson,

With great expectations, I am expressing my interest through this cover letter for the position of a nursing assistant in your renowned health care institution. A brief introduction about me – I am a certified nursing assistant with four years of nursing experience. I got my bachelor’s degree in science from Baltimore University. My current position is of junior nursing assistant in Angel Healthcare Clinic.

Throughout my career, I have acquired enough experience in assisting physicians for patients’ treatments. I have managed and arranged all the laboratory tests of patients as per physicians’ instructions. I am very comfortable with all the medical terminology, and understand physicians’ language without any problem. I have even performed all the vital checks of patients and relayed the information correctly to physicians.

I am good in filing and retrieving medical information from the system. The training given by my current employer in computers helped me in receiving an award as the ‘most promising employee’ for July. Besides this soft skill, I very well know how to build relationships with patients’ family members.

I sincerely believe that one must have a helping attitude and care towards others in a nursing profession. Then only the person can perform well and effectively. And I have the attitude and feelings for people in need.

Please provide me an opportunity to meet you and discuss about the things I can perform in your organization. I am available at the above contact numbers to answer your questions.

Yours sincerely,

John W. Mill

This nursing assistant cover letter sample is the outcome of the outline we created before writing it. In your situation, you must create an outline pertaining with the job description. The writing will be much easier, and you can target the employers’ expectation as well.


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