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Sample Certified Nursing Assistant Cover Letter

Cover Letters for Medical Jobs (Nursing)

The employers would prefer a certain educational background for the nursing job in the candidates' applications. They would like to know whether you are qualified for the position and can provide a selfless service to patients. Preference would be given to those candidates who have an ability to empathize with people suffering from illness. In addition, one should also have the kind of commitment and passion in providing quality patient–care.

Now, how would you communicate the employers that you have these special skills and expertise to do your job well? Yes! It is your resume that states the history of your work experience and educational qualifications. However, you need something that could make the employers to read it. This role is perfectly performed by a cover letter. By all means, the cover has to be enticing enough to influence the readers to take the next step–resume reading.

The certified nursing assistant cover letter needs extra care considering the tenderness and sensitivity required in the profession. You should also know what information should be included in the cover letter. Your job will be easy if you are applying for an advertised position. Read your resume and try to sort out specific skills required in the job. Follow this practice whenever you are applying for the job. This will help you to tailor the cover letter according to the employers' needs.

Create your own style of writing. Whether it is read or kept in the middle of the heap of applications would be decided by the opening paragraph. So, try to engage them in the letter from the starting. Let them know from where you learned about the job vacancy. You can also add your qualifications pertaining to the job. You will clear the first step of eligibility, and the readers would be excited to know if you have any related work experiences.

Since your job will be to assist patients, doctors, physicians and nurses, mention your past experiences in the second paragraph. Let them know that your experience matches with the job requirements. Nursing assistants need to have administrative skills such as communicating with patients' relatives, friends, doctors and staff. It also includes dealing with the medical insurance providers. If you have performed these duties, adding it in the cover letter will benefit you.

Certified Nursing Assistant Cover Letter

Alene M. Clements,
877 Twin House Lane,
Verona, MO 65769,
(417)-000 7946.

Date: October 18, 2011.

Mr. John Russell,
Hospital Administrator,
Angel's Hospital,
Nursing and Caring Street,
Verona, MO 65765.

Dear Mr. Russell,

Nothing is so tempting than working in your hospital. And when I found the job listing for a certified nursing assistant position in the JobBanks Com, the temptation reached to its highest, and I could not wait from applying for the position. I am a post graduate in Nursing from AAA University, and an experienced certified nursing assistant. I am confident of proving myself as a dedicated and committed member of your organization.

As evident from my resume, I have seven years of working experience from three hospitals I have worked for. All these years of working have made me competent, efficient and proficient nursing personnel. I am passionate and compassionate for providing the best of medical care to patients. I have assisted patients in their daily needs such as bathing, feeding, and grooming. I also took patients' vital signs, and assisted physicians. I am well aware about the bedside etiquettes.

In addition to the ability to emphasize with patients, I am also good in performing administrative tasks. I have handled patients' phone calls and satisfied their queries regarding the process of treatment. Communicating with the medical insurance providers and following up with them for any unpaid invoice is an additional skill you would benefit from employing me.

Working in your hospital has always been my priority. And now as the opportunity is knocking at my door, I would welcome your effort in calling me for an interview. I would rather take the initiative in my hand and call you one week from hereafter to find a possible day of our meeting. Thanks a lot for posting the job opening and reading my application.


Alene M. Clements.

Since you are not alone competing for the job, you must create your cover letter by addressing the issues employers are looking to resolve from the position. Before you can actually use your skills and talent in the job, you should promote it in a professional manner through your cover letter. This sample of a certified nursing assistant would help you in drafting the letter while applying for a job.


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