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Sample Veterinary Technician Cover Letter

The work of a veterinary technician is the same as of a nurse—to assist the physician in patients’ treatment. Here, the vet technician will assist the veterinarian, and the patients are animals. However, the place where a vet technician works may not have the same type of job responsibility.

As a vet technician, your job is to assist the physician in diagnosing the disease in animals, in dental procedures, sterilization, immunization, delivery, and euthanasia. In addition, you will be responsible in maintaining patients’ records, specimen collection and performing a test in the laboratory.

A vet technician can work in clinic, animals’ hospital, zoo or a stud farm. To work in any of these places, you will have to spare some time and write a cover letter to the employers you want to work with.

Here, the need of your cover letter is to inform the employers about you as a candidate for the position. Since the resume gives a flat description of your job history, cover letter is an opportunity to talk about your personal traits. You should, however, avoid giving unnecessary detail that is not relevant to the job.

Tips to write a veterinary technician cover letter

  • Plan to create a unique cover letter – Do not download a cover letter template and start typing on it. The hiring managers will come to know the moment it lands in their hands. Using a template and tailoring it to your need will reflect your laziness and ruin the consideration.

  • Be specific and brief – If research work is your field of interest, then specify the department and research work you want to work in. Avoid using lengthy sentences unless where there is a need to describe the kinds of tools you have worked with.

  • Express what you can do for the employers – Find out why they are hiring. If you want to impress the employers, show them how you can contribute to their reputation and growth. Answering their needs will surely raise their curiosity and will eventually provide you an interview opportunity.

Veterinary Technician Cover Letter

Brian B. Woody
4426 Armbrester Drive
Wilmington, CA 90744
Phone: (310) XXX-7319 • Email:

October 3, 2011

Charles Warren
Hiring Manager
Wilmington City Animal Hospital
1500 Care Avenue
Wilmington, CA 90745

Dear Mr. Warren,

I learned from my ex-colleagues, Mr. Allan Thompson that your hospital is looking for an experienced veterinary technician. As I know about the humane care and the facilities you people are providing in animal care, I am very much interested in applying for the position and to work with your reputed organization.

I am a licensed vet technician with seven years of experience. I have worked in different places from private clinics, stud farms, and animal hospitals. I have gained tremendous work exposure having worked in these different capacities. I would like to enhance further my exposure and help your organization with my experiences in handling all the work in this profession.

I have assisted veterinarians in animals’ treatment and pre-surgery procedures. I have the skills to lab test the collected sample specimen. I can take x-rays, assist in dental care, and can administer medications to animals. Besides these clinical works, I am good in organizing things. I can maintain patients’ case history, issue certificates, and manage patients’ insurance work.

I am good in interpersonal skills and can communicate effectively with the owners of the pet. I can handle clerical jobs such as filing and entering patients’ records, drafting emails and letter to clients. I also have the knowledge to maintain the stock and supplies of the medicines and other equipments.

With an associate degree in Veterinary Technology, backed with hands-on experience, and love for animals, I am confident of adding a few stars to your reputation. Please provide me a chance to meet and discuss some of the benefits I can bring with my employment.

Yours sincerely,

Charles Warren

Enclosure: Resume

If your vet technician cover letter is written thoughtfully, and it highlights the needs of the employers, you will surely get a call from the employers for an interview, like this sample letter does.


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