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Sample Salary Negotiation Before Joining

Cover Letter for Medical Jobs (Nursing)

We all want to earn extra money, but in a legitimate way. There are certain things you should know about negotiating a salary with the future employer. First, when you have a job in your hand, you should be confident in negotiating the salary with the employer. Because all the hard work and efforts you would be putting in the new job deserve to be paid wisely.

Second, salary-negotiation is not a stranger for the employers. They are more experienced and have an upper hand when it comes to the salary issues. So, be careful while putting your salary expectation across the table. If little research is done, it would help you in asserting your salary concern appropriately.

To negotiate the salary, you should know the salary range in your profession, the company profile, and its location. If the offered salary is not matching with your experience and the market rate, then raise your concern and write a salary negotiation letter.

Little preparation beforehand will help you in convincing the employer. The letter should be in an assertive tone. The employer should not feel that you are firing with your guns of confidence indiscriminately. In fact, the flow should be like you are talking with the employer sitting in front.

Start with appreciating their decision in selecting you for the job. Express your enthusiasm in joining the new company. Talk about something you have decided to do from day one of your joining. This will raise the employers' curiosity, and they will be waiting to see it in practice. Try to justify your position for the salary increase by talking about your achievements in the job, which the employer would like to know about. Request politely and firmly to consider your application for the salary increase and get their time to meet and discuss the issue.

Salary Negotiation before Joining

Charles M. Cianciolo,
606 Burnside Avenue Washington, UT 84780,
(435)-000 7649.

Date: October 10, 2011.

Mr. Mitchell J. Douglas,
Hiring Manager,
Allied Medical Services,
1341 Stone Lane,
Washington, UT 84785.

Dear Mr. Douglas,

From the day I attended the final interview in your organization and till I received the job offer letter, the days have been entirely long and difficult to pass by. You can understand the nervousness I have undergone. Now, it seems as though I have got wings, and I am flying high by receiving the job offer letter. Thank you so much for judging me suitable for your organization. I appreciate the time, efforts and the attention given by your organization throughout the selection procedures. I am eager for the day when I will be signing the attendance register as an employee of Allied Medical Services.

Everything about your organization is quite worth mentioning about. The best of the facility given to the patients are rare to find in the state. Seeing your staff working selflessly and honestly for patients' care is very motivating. However, one thing I fail to understand from the offer letter is the quoted salary. I thought as one of the leading medical service providers in the state, you would pay me considering my skills and the number of years I have served in the medical industry, and keeping up with the market trends. But I did not find any of these in the offer letter.

I would enjoy and love working in your organization, because this is what I was waiting for. Therefore, I am honestly requesting you to consider a minor revision in the salary package and increase it by adding 30% on the mentioned amount. I would be happy to meet you, and solve all your doubts about what I am asking you. Let us meet once again before the joining date and solve this issue. I will wait for your call anticipating a favorable decision.


Charles M. Cianciolo

There are lots of job profiles in the medical industry. Regardless of your medical profession, this sample cover letter for negotiating a salary before joining would help you in discussing your salary issues with the employers. Make sure you write your genuine reason for asking more salary. Just give them facts about what you can do for the company/organization with the type of skills and experience you have.

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