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Sample Letter of Recommendation

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A recommendation letter is sent to suggest a candidate for any job profile. In the recommendation letter, you need to highlight the reason, why you wish to recommend the particular candidate. You need to provide the details, whether you were an associate or supervisor or manager of the particular candidate. This letter should always be drafted in professional letter format. Never address the letter as to whomsoever it may concern. It is important to send the letter to concerned person in the recruitment department.

Sending a generic letter would be considered as unprofessional. The letter must be divided into three sections, introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction paragraph should highlight the reason of writing the letter. The body paragraph must place emphasis on the professional details of the candidate you are referring for the job. In the ending paragraph you must thank the concern person for their time and consideration.

Letter of Recommendation

Willie C. Cougar,
Department Head
Wilson Medicare,
10 Meadowview Drive,
Fredericksburg, VA 22408.

Date: May 12, 2005.

Mr. Mark C. Hanley,
HR Manager,
St. Teresa Hospital,
4717 Delaware Avenue,
Fredericksburg, VA 22408.

Dear Mr. Hanley,

This is to notify you that Eustace Fernandez worked with Wilson Medicare as a Medical Assistant from August 22, 2003 to February 21, 2005. Eustace is proficient in performing clerical and clinical duties of a medical assistant. Hence, I would like to recommend him for the post of medical assistant.

During his tenure with our hospital, Eustace was responsible for greeting patients, answering telephone calls, keeping track of medical records, noting appointments, scheduling laboratory and hospital services, handling correspondence, and managing billing. Eustace was able to balance appropriately between clinical and secretarial duties.

Eustace has good interpersonal, communication skills. Hence, he is able to build a professional bond with clients and patients. He is proficient in conducting medical lab tests, preparing specimens for laboratory use, sanitizing medical equipment and disposing used medical materials.

I hope that you consider my recommendation and employ Eustace Fernandez for the post of medical assistant. I would like to thank you for your time and consideration.


Willie C. Cougar,
Department Head,
Wilson Medicare.

Sample Letter of Recommendation Medical Jobs (Nursing)

Dr. Joseph S. Collins,
Department Head,
ATS Hospital
1900 Stutler Lane,
Big Run, PA 15715, (814)-427 6792,

Date: May 5, 2005.

Mr. Larry S. McCann,
HR Head,
William Hospital,
4365 Summit Lane,
Providence, RI 02904.

Dear Mr. McCann,

I am Dr. Joseph S. Collins, Department Head at ATS Hospital. I am writing this letter to recommend my colleague Lisa Hayden for the post Registered Nurse in your organization. Lisa has been consistently performing employee of our hospital.

Lisa has been working with ATS Hospital since past three years. She works in the intensive care department and is expertise in handling emergency cases. She has through knowledge of medical and legal procedures to be performed during emergency cases. Most of our patients and their family members express gratitude towards excellent care and responsibilities taken by her.

Lisa has excellent interpersonal skills. She can easily explain the post treatment care and medication to the patient's family members. She is able to work under stress and handle challenging situations, which is utmost important in the ICU department.

I would like to thank you for your time and consideration. We wish that Lisa could continue working with our hospital. As she is shifting to Providence, RI permanent, she cannot work with us. I hope that you consider my suggestion and recruit Lisa Hayden for the post of Registered Nurse in the ICU unit in your hospital.



Dr. Joseph S. Collins,
Department Head,
ATS Hospital.

The samples of recommendation letter provided above can be used as guideline, when you are writing your letter of recommendation for medial jobs. These samples can be modified according to your preference.

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