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Recommendation letter is written by a colleague or senior or alumni to recommend a candidate for any job. It is a professional letter that you need to send to the HR or recruiter of the concerned company. Hence, before you start draft this letter; make sure that you are aware about the name of the concerned person, whom you need to address this letter to. In the introductory paragraph, let the employer knows the reason, why you are writing this letter to them. Explain your professional relationship with the person you are recommending for the job. The body of the letter should place emphasis on the professional highlights of the candidate you wish to recommend for the job. When you are ending this letter, thank the employer for their time and considering your recommendation.

Letter of Recommendation

Richard M. Christian,
Department Head,
AGS Pharmaceuticals,
4912 Massachusetts Avenue,
Washington, DC 20024. (202)-651 5551.

Date: May 19, 2005.

Mr. Robert K. Wagner,
Recruitment Head,
Medico Pharmaceuticals,
3041 Bessel Avenue,
Washington, DC 20024.

Dear Mr. Wagner,

I am writing this letter to recommend Jade Smith for the post of senior chemist in your pharmaceutical company. Jade Smith worked with AGS Pharmaceuticals from January 3, 2002 to April 15, 2005 as a chemist.

During his tenure at AGS Pharmaceuticals, his performance at work was excellent. Jade has complete knowledge about chemical processes, tests and various methods of analyzing samples. He completed the work assigned to him within stipulated time. Jade is punctual, disciplined and professional. The analysis results noted by him are error free.

Jade has good interpersonal and communication skills. He can coordinate and work along with a team of technicians, chemists and analysts. It was a delight to work with Jade. We hope that he will prove to be a good employee in his future endeavors as well.

Thank you for considering my suggestion and taking time out from your busy schedule to go through this letter. I hope that Jade proves to be a great employee and co-worker, if he is recruited into your firm.


Richard M. Christian,
Department Head,
AGS Pharmaceuticals.

Recommendation Letter for Pharmaceutical Jobs

Peter N. Bagley,
Senior Chemist,
Wilson Pharmaceuticals,
1736 East Street,
McLaughlin, SD 57642.
(605)-823 0399.

Date: May 3, 2005.

Mr. Douglas D. Ruiz,
Recruitment Manager,
William Pharmaceuticals,
3558 Andy Street,
Creighton, SD 57729.

Dear Mr. Ruiz,

Charles Thomas worked with Wilson Pharmaceuticals from July 15, 2003 to March 4, 2005 as a junior chemist. Even though Charles was an entry level candidate, his performance at work was excellent. Hence, I would like to recommend him for a job in your company.

Charles was recruited into Wilson Pharmaceuticals through the internship program for final year college students. He was provided training about practical application of theoretical knowledge of chemicals and chemical reactions in the pharmaceutical industry. Charles is professional and can work in a team. He is open to creative criticism and makes changes in his works according to suggestions provided by supervisors. Considering his excellent performance during internship, he was recruited into the company as an employee. I assure you that he will be a good employee, if selected for any post in your company.

I would like to thank you for your time and consideration. I am grateful that you spent your time to go through this letter. Please consider my recommendation and recruit Charles Thomas for a suitable job profile in your pharmaceutical company.


Peter N. Bagley,
Senior Chemist,
Wilson Pharmaceuticals.

The samples of recommendation letters for pharmaceutical job provided above can be used as a guideline. These samples can be modified, edited and changed as per your requirement. You need to proofread the recommendation letter before sending it to the concerned person and make sure that it is error free. Since, this is a professional letter; it must be drafted using professional font style and readable font size. Send the letter in an envelope that has the employers address printed over it.


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