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The recommendation letters are drafted, when you want to suggest someone for a job opening in an organization. It is a professional letter sent to the future employer of the candidate, you wish to recommend. Hence, you need to make sure that this letter is professional and precise. Mention your contact details and the receivers contact details at the top. Use appropriate salutation to greet the employer. The letter must be divided into three sections. The introduction section must include details such as your introduction, professional relation with the candidate you are recommending for the job and the reason for referring the candidate. The body of the letter must provide the details of professional achievements and skills. When you are ending the letter, thank the concern person for their time.

Recommendation Letter for Banking Jobs

Jordan W. Matlock,
Branch Manager,
New York Bank,
1816 Jarvis Street,
Buffalo, NY 14216,
(716)-913 8842,

Date: May 4, 2005.

Mr. Matthew T. Deleon,
Hr Manager,
Imperial Bank,
533 Cedar Street,
Buffalo, NY 14216.

Dear Mr. Deleon,

I am Jordan W. Matlock, branch manager with New York Bank. I would like to recommend Chris E. Fryer for the post of Teller in your bank. Chris has worked under my supervision for the last 4 years.

During his tenure at our bank, Chris was responsible for accepting deposits, managing cash withdrawals, making payments to customers, and selling new bank services to regular customers. Chris has through understanding of various money transactions in banks. At New York Bank, Chris took the responsibility of the cash store in the drawer assigned to him.

Chris has excellent knowledge of accounting and there were no discrepancies found in the balance sheets that he calculated. Chris is a good team member and can work in coordination with his team. Due to his good communication interpersonal skills, Chris was win confidence of our regular customer and made them enroll in the new investment programs introduced by the bank.

I hope that you consider my suggestion and select Chris E. Fryer for the post of Teller in New York Bank. I am thankful that you took time from your busy schedule to go through this letter.



Jordan W. Matlock, Branch Manager, New York Bank.

Banking Jobs Recommendation Letter

George R. Phelps,
Bank Manager,
ADC bank,
3021 O Conner Street,
Albany, GA 31707,
(229)-237 3630,

Date: May 12, 2005.

Mr.Michael L. Clover,
Recruitment Head,
New Excel Bank,
1215 Hillside Street,
Albany, GA 31707.

Dear Mr. Clover,

I am writing this letter to recommend Dexter Simpson for the post of Mortgage Banker in your bank. Dexter has total seven years of work experience in mortgage banking. During his tenure with ADC bank, he worked under my supervision.

Dexter's duties were to generate new customers for our bank by attending real estate meetings and seminars for home buyers. His duty was to assist customers in finding the best mortgage option suitable for them. He made sure that the customers choose the right mortgage option, so that they do not face any problem in approval.

Customers were pleased with the service provided by the Dexter. We received several appreciation mails for Dexter's excellent performance at work. Thus, I feel that Dexter will be the right candidate for the post of Mortgage Banker in your bank.

Please go through the enclosed appreciate letters. I would like to thank you for spending your precious time to go through this letter. Hope you consider my request and select Dexter for the post of mortgage banker.



George R. Phelps, Bank Manager, ADC bank


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The samples of recommendation letter for banking jobs provided above can be used for reference. Before sending the letter to the concerned person, you should proofread it. It is important to keep the letter error free. The font size should be readable. The font used should be professional such as times new roman, calibri, arial or verdana.

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