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Recommendation letter is a professional letter wrote during the recruitment process. It is written when you want to recommend any of your colleagues or juniors for any job. It is essential that you highlight the positive aspects of the particular candidate. Let the recruiters know the exact job profile you are recommending the particular candidate for. Also mention the details whether the candidate was your colleague or worked under your supervision. This letter should be send to the appropriate person, avoid mentioning generic salutation such as to whomsoever it may concern. The body of the recommendation letter must provide the details about the performance of the candidate at their previous job or internship. When you are concluding the letter, thank the future employer for their time.

Letter of Recommendation

Bill L. Frampton,
Project Manager,
Imperial IT Services,
4934 Kelly Street,
Charlotte, NC 28204, (704)-874 0276.

Date: May 15, 2005

Mr. Robert M. Mayo,
HR Manager,
Global Software,
24 Longview Avenue,
Charlotte, NC 28204.

Dear Mr. Mayo,

I am writing this letter to recommend Thomas Simpson for the post of Senior Programmer in your company. As a project manager, I have supervised his work and assure you that Thomas is an excellent java programmer.

Thomas has worked with Imperial IT Services since past four years. He was appointed as junior programmer, but considering his dedication and expertise at work, he was promoted to the post of senior programmer. He has through knowledge about advanced java and experience in web based application development.

He is an excellent team member and works in coordination with rest of the team. He encourages other team members to achieve their targets. Thomas has excellent communication skills and has the expertise to manage client calls. During his tenure at our company, the clients were content with the progress and success of the projects he worked on.

I would like to thank you for your time and I hope that you would consider my recommendation. I have enclosed the client appreciation letter that we received for Thomas excellent performance at work.


Bill L. Frampton,
Project Manager,
Imperial IT Services.

Client appreciation letter.

Recommendation Letter for Programmers

Dennis G. Tyler,
Project Lead,
ATS Software,
4204 Chicago Avenue,
Mendota, CA 93640.
(559)-655 9073.

Date: May 7, 2005.

Mr. Thomas S. Lobito,
HR Head,
Influx Software Consultant,
2522 Hennery Street,
Mendota, CA 93640.

Dear Mr. Lobito,

I would like to recommend Ross Hedley for the post of .NET programmer in your company. During his internship at ATS Software, he worked under my supervision. He has excellent technical knowledge and proficient in applying it in actual work environment.

During the internship training, Ross was punctual and professional. He successfully completed his internship program and the project module he worked on, was successfully completed within the stipulated time frame. Ross is a good team member and worked along with his team to complete the client projects.

Ross has gain knowledge about practical application of .NET framework and .NET programming during internship. I assure you that Ross Hedley will be an ideal candidate for entry level programmer job as he has gained experience about professional work environment during internship with ATS Software.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope that you would consider my recommendation of recruiting Ross Hedley for the post of .NET programmer. I am grateful that you took time out from your busy schedule to go through this letter.


Dennis G. Tyler,
Project Lead,
ATS Software.

The samples of recommendation letter for programmer job provided above can be used for reference. Make changes to the samples and customize them as per your requirement. The samples provided above are drafted considering professional work culture in the information technology industry. The letter should be error-free, thus, you need to proofread it before sending it to the concerned person.

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