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Sometimes it becomes difficult to meet both the ends owing to the rise in the prices of essentials commodities, or to maintain the standard of living. For this reason, couples start working and look for someone who can take care of their children while they are away at work. This is where services of nannies are needed.

Nannies are appointed by nurseries, child-care agencies, or individuals to take care of kids. They work for newborns and young children and cater to their daily needs. Their primary duty is to take care of the children under their custody. Additional duties will depend on the employers’ needs and employment agreement.

If you are looking for a job as a nanny, you need to send a cover letter to the employers. Before that, you must try to find out the qualities needed for the job. The first thing employers would like to see in your nanny cover letter is your love for children. As a nanny, you will be taking care of the children for the entire day. At times, it becomes difficult to be with them for such a long time. Only those who love them can stay up to that number of hours. Therefore, you must demonstrate your love and sensitivity towards children’s needs.

Trust and patience is the next thing you should show the employers. Since parents would be leaving their kids with you, they need someone who they can trust and have faith on. Give reference of your ex-employers and explain how you managed to handle their children in their absence. As children are mischievous by nature, you tend to lose control. Hence, you must inform the employers that you have a good amount of patience and maturity to accept and control children’s behavior.

The employers would also like to see how experienced you are in handling children, and your comfort level with different age-group. Specify up the age range of the children you can take care of and the number of years you have worked. State the duties and responsibilities you have shouldered for your ex-employers. You must also consider in giving a reason as to why you are seeking a nanny’s job with the would-be employers. Is it because your current employer has shifted to a new place, or leaving for a long vacation?

There may be a possibility that one of the children of the parents you are applying to is undergoing some sort of medical treatment. And the child needs to be given a medicine after a regular interval. Here, you shouldn’t refer directly to illness of the child as this may hurt the parents’ feeling. Simply mention how you have taken care and ensure that the child has taken the medication as prescribed by the doctor.

Another thing you must communicate to the employers is your sense of responsibility and an ability to act under any emergency circumstances. There are chances that the children under your care will suffer some minor or major injuries while playing. In that situation, you can’t wait till the parents’ are back, or call them for their advice. Inform them that you are capable of taking decision on your own if any such need arises.

As additional skills, you can write about your ability to cook children’s food, bathe them, feed and clean their utensil, and organize things that are cluttered by children. You can also add the condition you would like to work in such as working hours, and the salary you charge for families or child-care agencies.

Though employers prefer experience and love towards children while appointing nannies, you can add any child care and development program that you have attended. This will be an added advantage for getting the job.

To sum up, a nanny cover letter should include your love for the children, experience in handling any age-group children, knowledge about medical treatment and ability to take decisions on own under extreme situations.

For all those who love working with children, below are the links for nanny cover letter samples. Go ahead and use any of those samples matching with your experience and enhance the job chances.


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