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Sample Acceptance Job Offer Cover Letter

Cover Letter for Medical Jobs (Nursing)

Job offer letter is a ticket to your dreamed destination–the company. However, until and unless you communicate your acceptance of the job offer , you are yet few inches away from stepping in the train. If you have made up your mind in accepting the job offer, you must communicate your thoughts to the company, because without receiving a green signal from your side, the entire hiring process would still be in the lurch.

Therefore, make sure you are following all the hiring process till you finally start working in the company. For you never know when the company's policy or decision to hire you may change. Without a job acceptance letter, you cannot call the hiring process complete as there will be no document that would confirm your acceptance of the job and its terms. Hence, the job acceptance letter is the last but important piece of document to complete the cycle of hiring process.

Job acceptance letter has a significant importance in the job market. It helps to respond in a professional manner to the employer who has made an offer to you. The letter should express your plan of joining the company in the position you have been interviewed for. It should also repeat features of the employment terms which are: annual salary, fringe benefits, office timings, and the date of starting work in the company.

Though the letter is a professional communication, you should still personalize it by addressing it to the person from whom you received the job offer. Thank the person for offering you the position of your interest, and other benefits and opportunities you are entitled to as per the employment terms. State the abovementioned details that are necessary in joining the job. By restating these details, you are possibly eliminating the risk of misunderstanding. You can also add any of your specific requests that the employer has agreed to accept it. Further, acknowledge your commitment and the company's expectations from your employment.

Do not forget to state your gratefulness for the opportunity given to you. Remember, the job acceptance letter written by you will put the employer at ease thinking that they have made the right choice by offering you the job.

Job Acceptance Letter for Medical Job

Santiago L. Milne,
188 Parrill Court,
St John, IN 46373,
(219)-000 7652.

Date: October 21, 2011.

Mr. Victor K. Holliman,
HR Manager,
Noble Mission Hospital,
1981 Briarhill Lane,
St. John, IN 46370.

Dear Mr. Holliman,

Thank you very much for offering me the position of my interest in your hospital. This letter is a formal declaration of my acceptance for the 'Radiologist' position. With this offer, I have got the right platform and opportunity to utilize my skills and experience in diagnosing diseases with the help of the latest equipments in the radiation technology. I am overwhelmed by the thought of seeing myself working in the best hospital committed towards humanity.

I am amused to accept the offered salary of $XXX per annum. As agreed, my association with your organization will officially begin from my joining date as of November 23, 2011. Just to remind you that we have mutually agreed that I will be working part-time for the first three weeks till I find a rented place for my accommodation. After that, my work schedule will be from 10 a.m. to 6 pm. Other employment terms as stated are all acceptable to me.

I am thankful as well as confident in proving myself worth in return for all the confidence and faith shown in me. Any further questions from you will be duly obliged.


Santiago L. Milne

Medical profession is one of the noblest professions in the world. Every job will earn you money, but the job satisfaction you can achieve by saving someone's life is something medical professional experience on a regular basis. So, whenever you get a chance to serve this noble profession, please do appreciate it by writing the job acceptance letter to the employer.

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