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Therapists are the professionals who heal people facing physical, mental and emotional problems with the help of a special type of therapy, which is a form of treatment. This single-word term carries a broader designation with it and has different areas of specializations. Any individual, group, or a family can avail the services provided by the therapist depending upon their skills and experiences in any particular field.

Therapists can work in a hospital, or in private clinics. Their services are also needed in private, public and non-profit organizations such as schools, prisons, aged-home, and an orphanage. If helping people in their problems interests you, then you should definitely search for a job as a ‘therapist’, provided you have the required qualifications and experiences.

Before writing a therapist cover letter, it is important to know what this designation entails. Be it any area of specialization, one thing is sure that therapists have to work with patients and people seeking help. They need to meet patients at the hospital, or wherever they are called for and listen to their problems patiently. Based on those hearings, they plan their therapy in order to find some solutions to their problems. Each patient attended by them is considered as a case that is treated according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Taking some clue from the above paragraph, your therapist cover letter should show the employer that you are a person who loves to work with people. You have the patience to listen to patients’ problems and plan a therapy to relieve them of their sufferings. Remember, the most important quality the employers would prefer to see in you is ‘empathy’. This means you should have the ability to understand and feel another’s feelings.

If seeing old people in pain upsets you, narrate an incident that made you to adopt the therapist profession. For example: At the age of twelve, I saw an old person struggling to cross the road because of swollen knees due to some injury. It was an emotional moment for me to see the man helpless and no help being offered by passersby. After few moments, I took the initiative and crossed him the road. The incident, for me, was an eye-opener, and I took an oath to help old people with whatever ways I can. This physical therapist profession helps me in keeping my promises, and gives me an inner peace.

Another element your therapist cover letter should include is your positive attitude towards life. Being in this profession, you will have to counsel people suffering from some emotional problems. You must have the ability to go deep into the root cause of the problems. You should try to find some ways and methods to pull out the patients out of their depression. For this, you need a good counseling skill and command over your speech to convince the patients in following your suggestions. Let the employer know that once you attend a patient, you never rest until you find a solution to the problem and will walk any distance in achieving the favorable results.

Besides patient-driven attitude, include other skills as well in your therapist cover letter. This could be your administrative skills, computer skills and knowledge of any other language, if you have. If there is an instinct for marketing in you, tell the employers that you can help them in promoting their services through your marketing skills. In the end, proofread the cover letter. Because nothing is amateurish than sending a cover letter riddled with grammatical and spelling errors.

Now that you are well-informed about the essentials of a therapist cover letter, we have taken extra efforts in writing sample of cover letters for all of you wanting to make a career as a therapist. The groups of words in blue color down below are all links to read and copy the cover letter for your personal use.


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