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Sample Pharmacist Cover Letter

A pharmacist works in the drug store run by the hospital or in a private medical store. Their duties include dispensing drugs to the customers as per the physiciansí prescription. They are required to have a complete knowledge about the different types of drugs such as its administration, dosage and the possible side effects. This is an essential part of their job because they have to answer customersí questions relating to the prescribed drugs.

You should also have the knowledge about the medical law pertaining to the manufacturing and sales of any particular drug. Your job routine as a pharmacist will be to rack the medicines either company or drugs wise and maintain a record of the drugs being sold by your employer.

To find a job as a pharmacist, you can either apply in the community pharmacies or in any hospitalís drug store. Other employment option is to work with some pharmaceutical company where you can use your knowledge for some research work. If you like to part your pharmacy knowledge with people, then you can consider working as a faculty in some pharmacy college or a university.

To grab the job in any of the above establishments, you need to prepare your pharmacist cover letter that can summarize your experience, qualifications and other necessary skills to the hiring manager. Writing an impressive cover letter to the potential employers is the only chance to clear all the obstacles in your job hunt.

As a pharmacist, your job involves meeting with customers and satisfying them with their needs. The employer would like to see whether you have the ability to serve the customers and increase the sale of the stores by maintaining good relationships with them. Hence, show your customer service attitude and sales abilities in the cover letter. These qualities are important, because you will be working at the counter where customers from all moods and personality would be visiting you regularly.

Further, you are expected to communicate with vendors to place drugs order for counter sale, and with the physicians, in a situation where you are not able to understand the prescribed drugs. You can communicate with them through an email, or on the phone. To perform these responsibilities, you need to have good verbal and written communication ability. Let the hiring manager know that you can forward your message clearly and precisely to avoid any misinterpretation.

Customers often throw all sorts of questions relating to the prescribed drugs at the pharmacist when buying the medicines. The reason is physicians, being busy, are not able to answer every questions raised by their patients. They just check the patients and prescribe the necessary medications. Patients are left with no options other than questioning the pharmacist to clear their doubts. Show the hiring manager that you have a high patience level and can answer customersí questions relating with the prescribed drugs.

You can also add your ability to manage other clerical and administrative tasks in the cover letter. This could be answering the phone, handling the cash counter in the absence of a cashier, taking inventory stocks and feeding them in the computer, etc. Usually, employers generally prefer candidates who can manage other tasks in addition of their primary responsibilities. If you have the ability, feel free to include it in the letter as it will surely attract the hiring managerís attention.

Provide your license information in the cover letter, which is compulsory to pursue a career in this profession. Express your interest for the profession by explaining on how you update yourself with the recent medicines in the market. You can add the name of the medical journal you are reading.

To shorten it up, a pharmacist cover letter should include customer service attitude, good communication skills, and high level of patience in listening and answering customersí questions.

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