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Sample Veterinarian Cover Letter

Job Description of a veterinarian

Veterinarian is a trained professional who treats sick and injured animals in clinics and hospitals. Their job includes immunizing animals to prevent them from disease, diagnosing animals to prevent any disease, and perform surgery on any part of their bodies. They even inspect meat products to find out if it can use as a food or not.

Veterinarian woks in animal hospitals, zoo and clinics run by the state government, or private organization. Some veterinarians are even self-employed and practice in their own clinics. Others work with pharmaceutical companies in researching and developing new drugs that can be used in treating animals. Some prefer to work as a lecturer in a veterinary college.

To get a veterinarian job in a company, clinic, or an animal hospital, you have to prepare your veterinarian cover letter and send it with your resume. Remember, before resume, your cover letter is read first. Therefore, you should make every possible effort in compelling the hiring managers to call you for an interview.

Instructions to write veterinarian cover letter

  • Read the job description listed in the advertisement carefully. Understand the job requirement and then decide whether it is matching with your job profile or not. This is essential as the job description varies among clinics, hospitals, zoo and private farms where animals are kept.

  • Address your veterinarian cover letter to the person that you have found responsible for recruiting when finding about the organization. Greet the reader with a standard professional greeting such as “Dear Mr. Washington.” As you are not familiar and friendly with the reader, avoid writing the first name.

  • Once you are familiar with the job profile the employer is looking for, next step is to extract information about the clinic, hospital or the organization that has placed the advertisement. Try to find out their area of specialization in animal care. This will help you in highlighting your skills as per their needs.

    For example: the job advertiser may be looking for a veterinarian who can perform surgery on domestic pets suffering from a cataract problem. If this is your forte, you can easily attract the readers by describing your surgery skills.

  • The opening paragraph of the cover letter should inform the employers about the position you are interested in. The readers must know whether the cover letter is written to express your interest for the staff position or for the assistant’s position.

  • The body of your veterinary cover letter should describe your skills and experiences that relate to the job profile. If they need someone skilled in treating tuberculosis or diabetes in animals, provide details of your work that are similar to this requirement. Make the employers clear about the type of animals you are comfortable in treating. For instance, you may be at ease when treating a dog, but the level of comfort will not be the same when you are required to treat a horse.

  • If you are applying for a veterinary assistant’s position, then include your assistant’s work experience as your suitability for the job. You can describe on how you assisted a veterinarian in treating animals. State your interest and compassion towards animal care to generate the readers’ interest. As an assistant, you need to perform the administrative work in the clinic or the hospital you are applying. Describe your administrative skills in the cover letter such as your coordinating and counseling skills with pet owners.

  • If the job opening is for some research work, communicate your interest to research and develop drugs and antibiotics that can be used in treating animals. If you have worked in some research project, explain your contribution and state how it is useful in treating animals. If you are falling short of work experience, then include the project work taken during your veterinary studies. Show the employers that you have the confidence and skills to do research.

These instructions will help you in communicating your interest, skills, experiences, and educational details to the prospective employers through your veterinary cover letter. We have also provided links below to access different veterinarian cover letter samples.


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