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Sample Phlebotomist Cover Letter

The job of a phlebotomist is more than just being a medical assistant or a lab technician. Phlebotomists work in a health care industry, pathology lab, or a blood bank that assesses patients and donors blood for a specific test. In reality, phlebotomists perform a wide array of job. They advise and help people to alleviate the fear and pain they have when a needle is pierced into their vein. They provide an accurate assessment of the blood test to the patients who are dependent on them for a further course of treatment.

To work as a phlebotomist, you must have the basic knowledge of human anatomy. Since most part of your job will be to draw blood and process it for some test, you must be able to locate the veins of patients to extract blood. The job also requires technical knowledge about the equipment used in the testing procedures. You must be able to use the devices that are used in drawing blood. You have to use your knowledge in verifying the blood sample and record it correctly so that no patients are given the wrong results.

As the number of people graduating each year from a health care background is higher, it is tougher to get the job. To apply for the job, you must use the same kind of accuracy that you apply while needling the patients’ veins. This means your phlebotomist cover letter should be of a high quality that can provide you the momentum in landing an opportunity to meet the employers.

The first thing you should do while writing your phlebotomist cover letter is to pick up any relevant skills that you have listed in the resume. Make sure that it matches with the skills the employers are expecting for the job. This is the nice way to get hold of the prospective employers’ veins.

To perform the job, you must have a complete medical knowledge along with an attitude for patient care. Show the employers that you have a medical background by stating your qualifications. Mention the name of the hospital, blood bank or the lab you have done your internships from. Express your years of experience in collecting specimen samples. Inform them about any certification program you have attended that have helped you in enhancing your knowledge and skills for the job.

In some hospitals, phlebotomists are required to take EKG (electrocardiogram) of patients before any treatment is given to them. To carry the EKG test, you have to follow certain procedures that are needed to measure the heart beat. Communicate your knowledge and experience of EKG to the employers through your cover letter.

As a phlebotomist, you will have to conduct telemetry when the patient is at some distant place, and the physician treating him/her needs some information from you. If you have conducted any such job in your previous employment, specify it in your cover letter.

There are certain routine tasks phlebotomists perform in their job. This includes collecting specimens, assessing vitals and maintaining proper records. Show the employers that you collected specimens, assessed vitals and maintained proper records of patients you are collecting specimens from.

The employers will also like to know whether you can provide quality services to patients and maintain relationships with them, and win their trust as well. Make sure you include these possible traits in your phlebotomist cover letter. You must also convey your feeling of compassion towards patients and ability to counsel and help them.

Remember, the best cover letter is one that keeps the readers engaged throughout the reading. The letter written should be professional and a conversational tone should be maintained throughout the letter. Include all the relevant information that will help you to press the right veins of the employers.

This site will help you in drafting your phlebotomist cover letter with its professional and impressive cover letter samples. Below are the lists of cover letter sample. Take your pick and customize the sample letter as per your experiences and qualifications.


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