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In this section you will find sample manager cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on manager jobs.

Manager Cover LetterA cover letter should be well written to grab the employer's attention. No matter how well written your resume is, sending a generic cover letter along with your resume creates a bad impression on the employer. A cover letter should contain complete contact details, the job opening you are applying for, your work experience, and your skill sets. Manager cover letter should place emphasis on work experience and the skills sets you developed through your work experience at previous jobs.

Start the cover letter by mentioning your complete name and today's date. Below your details, mention the employer's details. Name of the person who you are writing this letter to, his/her designation and address of the company. When you are applying for the position of manager, your cover letter must emphasize your work experience and managerial skills.

The first paragraph should include the details of exact post you are applying for, the reason why you are looking forward to work with this organization, your work experience and your skills that make you eligible for the job. The recruiter has to go through hundreds of cover letters. Hence, he just glances through your resume. After going through the first paragraph, he should understand the exact designation you are looking for and your eligibility for the job. Restrict the first paragraph to 2 to 3 sentences.

Explain your roles and responsibilities in the previous organization. You can even use bullet points to note down your strengths or skills. Because you are applying for a managerial level job, explain your positive attributes in details. Explain how you achieved targets, increased profit or improved the operation of a certain process. For example: Work experience of 12 years in the import/export department. A degree in MBA (specialization international business) helped me to start my career as an executive. I was promoted to executive director within 2 years of tenure at XYZ organization. I was responsible for handling inventory of entire China branch of PQR organization. I have gained experience on creating new strategies to improve the import/export inventory of an organization.

Candidates looking for a job profile change or designation change need to mention their skills and responsibilities in previous organization that makes them eligible for the particular managerial position. Provide the details of your practical experience and mention facts and figures to support your claim. You can even mention your future plans and how you plan to develop yourself, if you get the job.

In the last paragraph, thank the employer for considering you for the job opening and for their time. You can mention your contact number in this paragraph so that the recruiter can call you for an interview. Conclude the letter with "Sincerely". Leave 3 to 4 blank lines and mention your first and last name. Sign in the space above your name. Mention the documents you have attached with the cover letter under enclosures.

Proof read the cover letter once you have finished drafting it. Your cover letter should be error free. Use a readable font when you draft your cover letter. When you mention your strengths or skills, do not copy them from your resume. Your manager cover letter should be a reference of your Manager resume and not a copy of it. If your resume and cover letter have content mentioned in similar format, then the employer may not read it.

There are various manager cover letters on this site such as finance manager cover letter, import export manger cover letter, information system manger cover letter, project manager cover letter, quality control manger cover letter, restaurant manager cover letter, etc. When you draft your cover letter, you can use these cover letters for reference.

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