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Property managers have the knowledge about the property market. They guide clients as per their budget and ensure that their money is invested in the right direction. Property managers also take care of the paper works involved in the buying process such as registration, property taxes, getting NOC from the concerned parties, and the local authorities.

As the gap between the demand and supply for both residential and commercial properties is constantly widening due to increase in population, a career as a property manager is the most rewarding one in this current economic scenario.

Tips on writing a property manager cover letter

  • It is not practical to stuff all information from your resume in the cover letter. The cover letter should be short and simple. Cluttering inappropriate matters in the cover letter would disturb the readers, and lose the chances of consideration for an interview. So, while writing, remember that your cover letter is meant to provide a backup to your resume.

  • The cover letter should act as a decoy to get the readers to read. A brief and plain introduction, a short summary of your experience and your capabilities are more than sufficient in getting into the readers’ mind.

  • Include your property management experiences. Be specific when mentioning about the properties you have to deal with. The readers should know your comfort level in selling the properties. Few points you should mention in the cover letter are your understanding about the property business, knowledge about the current rules and regulations the state is following for property transactions, leadership qualities, public relations skills and abilities to bring revenue to the company.

  • As you are trying for a manager’s job, you are looked at as someone who is good in communication skills, and who likes to interact with people. Let the readers know that you are capable to finish any property deals in the interest of your clients and the company you will be working in.

Property Manager Cover Letter

Arthur K. Jackson
1821 John Avenue
Lansing, MI 48933
Phone: (517) XXX-7346 • Email:

September 20, 2011

Steve K. Sample
Marketing Director
ABC Realtors, Inc.
20th East Property Lane
Lansing, MI 48930

Dear Mr. Sample,

After serving customers for seven years for their residential, commercial and industrial property needs, I can easily study clients’ mind and deliver them their requirements precisely, accurately and in time. These are some of the highlights of my career as a property manager.

The reason behind highlighting my professional experience is to convey my interest to work in your organization on the similar position. I am attaching my resume with this cover letter that would help you to know in detail about my professional experiences.

At present, I am working as a property manager with XYZ Property Group. Few of the responsibilities I am performing at this moment are:

  • Supervising and training the sales team of 15 associates
  • Assigning and scheduling jobs to team associates as well as evaluating their performances.
  • Counseling the team members individually who are performing below the expectation
  • Searching properties in areas that are in great demand
  • Making clients’ appointments with property owners and negotiating prices for both the parties
  • Recording clients’ information into the tailor-made software
  • Inspecting the property, and performing a survey for future growth
  • Liaising with local authorities for NOC and other property taxes
  • Collecting fees and other important documents for property transactions

Besides experience and having deep understanding about customers likes in terms of property, I even possess a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration for AAA University. I have unique marketing skills that will help in increasing your company’s revenue by 40 percent within a year of my employment.

I am eager to meet you and discuss about my skills and background. I will appreciate if you can fix an appointment on October 2, 2011. Thank you for the time spent in reading my application.

Yours sincerely,

Arthur K. Jackson

Enclosure: Resume

Follow those tips and this property manager cover letter sample when trying a job in the property business. Remember, the employers need a brief introduction and summary of your capabilities. So, highlight your experiences pertaining to the real estate business.


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