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Sample Office Manager Cover Letter

Whether you are applying to enquire about the possible opening in your field, or responding to a job’s advertisement, you must send a cover letter with the resume. The need is more pressing when you are applying for a managerial position. Why?—The reason behind this is the managerial position is most sought after because of the benefits, authority and respect it enjoys. Hence, to grab the job, you have to make your office manager cover letter remarkable.

The office manager cover letter should follow the business letter format. It should start with a proper introduction and by identifying the position you are interested in. The reader of the letter should know whether you are writing because somebody had suggested you to apply, or it is the response for their job positing. You must communicate your intention clearly in one or two sentences at the most. This will be the first paragraph of your letter.

The next paragraph of your office manager cover letter should include the keywords listed in the job posting. This will help you to write those relevant skills the company is trying to find out for the position. Include your office manager experiences in this section. Include information on some of your achievements you have brought to your employers. Convey your interest for the office manager’s position and for the company.

Remember, as an office manager, the employers are expecting results from you. To satisfy them about your abilities, provide examples of your work experiences. Show the employers what sort of new things you have implemented for your employers. Let them know how you improved the workflow and raised your staffs’ efficiency. You can write about some of the rules you carried out in the offices such as dress code, punctuality, attendance, etiquettes and mannerism, etc.

Apart from the experiences, educational background is also essential in your office manager cover letter. Write the degrees and name of the university you have achieved them from. Mostly, for an office manager’s position, employers prefer a commerce background and a degree in business administration.

The job profile of an office manager will differ among companies. One company would prefer someone who can manage outside activities as well, and other’s preference will be totally different. Understand the needs of the company with some prior research and then apply. It will help in writing and while facing the interview, if called.

Office Manager Cover Letter

Alexander J. Hunt
20 Final Street SE, Suite 150
Washington, DC 20001
Home: (202) 347-0040 - Mobile: 4087647382 - Email:

August 26, 2011

George Foster
Manager – Human Resource
ABC Incorporation Ltd.
Management Street, 10th Lane
Washington, DC 20004

Dear Mr. Foster,

I feel seven years of managerial experience in the corporate industry is something that makes me an ideal candidate for the office manager position (job opening posted on in the Times Magazine by your company). As all my previous employers are benefited from my managerial skills, I would like to bring the same sort of benefits, or even more, to your company. This cover letter is an attempt to show you how.

First, let me tell you something about my current responsibilities. I am working as an office manager for XYZ Company, and handling a team of 14 staffs. I am managing the office routine work such as scheduling jobs to my team as per priority, coordinating with customers and vendors, making training arrangements, and developing new policies.

Some of the benefits my managerial skills would bring to your company are:

  • Hands-on experience in managing both front and back office administration
  • Impeccable managerial skills for hiring, training, and event organizing, etc.
  • Computer proficiency in preparing reports and presentation
  • Interviewing skills for finding the most suitable candidates for the company
  • Building trusts within team and higher management

I have the confidence to manage your official work, and I will take care that all the routine activities are run smoothly. With a degree in business administration and managerial experience, I can be the core part of your management team.

Please call me with any questions. Thank you for allowing me to convey my interest for the position.

Yours sincerely,

Alexander J. Hunt

This office manager cover letter sample is for your reference. It may not be similar to your experiences and qualifications, but it will definitely give a better idea when writing the cover letter for an office manager position.


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