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Sample Project Manager Cover Letter

Project Manager Cover Letter

Project manager jobs involve immense planning and execution for the project's success. The job demands taking a lot of responsibilities and expectations to fulfill the clients demands. The project manager has to possess good leadership qualities to direct the subordinates and carry the said work as planned. Project manager cover letters should be drafted with some thought from the employer's perspective. Candidates must have a little knowledge of the organization they are applying for and what does the company expects from this profile. The letter should be error free as minor errors in spellings or even sentence construction might question the writer's seriousness and efficiency.

Project manger cover letters need to be professionally drafted. It should be impressive yet in simple and easy language. Candidates need to highlight the relevant skills in this letter. Candidate's strengths and positive points along with pointers of what the candidate can bring to the organization fetches good results making the candidate stand out of the crowd.

Project Manager Cover Letter

Daniel M. Davy,
2425 Milford Street,
Portsmouth, NH 03801,
(603)-719 4623.

Date: August 10, 2008.

Mr. Dustin W. Harrison,
Unicorn Corporation,
893 Stewart Street,
Portsmouth, NH 03801.

Dear Mr. Harrison,

I read about the vacancy for the post of Project Manager in your organization in the American Times Newspaper. According to your profile I hope that I could be a better match for your organization. I am enclosing a copy of my resume for your reference.

My strengths include:

  • Extreme experience in handling external and internal stakeholders for accomplishing project success.
  • Tactful leadership with high-emphasis on managerial performances and results in marketing, operations, sales and profitability.
  • Team and project leadership for accomplishing business goals.
  • Reliable and solid background in technology driven enterprises.
I am looking for the positive response from you and would await a call or an email regarding this opportunity. Thank you for your consideration.



Daniel M. Davy.


Project Manager Sample Cover Letter

James M. Hill,
2322 Victoria Court,
Portsmouth, ME 03801,
(207)-438 4854

Date: September 29, 2011.

Mr. James L. Wilson,
Compass Ltd.,
2622 Tavern Place,
Wolf Summit, WV 26462.

Dear Mr. Wilson,

The responsibilities and skills required for the post of a Project Manager as listed by you in today's Daily News, completely matches my profile. I work as a Project Manager with Feynman Corporation, planning to move to the state of West Virginia for personal reasons. Attached is my resume for your reference.

I spend five years with Feynman, working as a Project Manager. The experience has been enriching and quite rewarding. I have read about your company and I am completely aware of the qualities you are looking for in a Project Manager.

Apart from managing a project from its inception and looking after all the minute intricacies to successfully run a project, I liaise with the stakeholders on a regular basis to update them and the clients of the progress of the project. I submit the budget proposals and recommend the necessary changes to be made. I understand these are the key performance roles that you would like a Project Manager to handle.

I assure you that I would bring more to the organization, with the amount of experience and exposure I have in this field. I am excellent at planning, execution and finalizing projects within the budgets and as per the deadlines. I possess good time management, communication and leadership skills to smoothly run the day to day functioning of any given project.

I would like to meet you for an interview to share my experience and would also be pleased to know your future plans and strategies. Please feel free to call me on the above telephone number to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.

I thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

James M. Hill.



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