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Sample Finance Manager Cover Letter

Finance Manager Cover Letter

Finance manager cover letters should highlight the candidate's responsibilities that were undertaken during the previous job. This will give the employer a clear idea of the kind of the job the candidate has done and how comfortable the applicant would be, to face the challenges for future.

Candidate's skills and qualifications also need a mention. Generally a candidate possess a lot of experience to go up to a finance manager's position, thus the candidate has to stress on their experience and skills which are essential for the job. The position of a finance manger is quite a responsible position and this should reflect in the cover letter the applicant writes.

The letter should be professionally drafted and should reflect the experience the candidate possesses in this field. It should be drafted keeping in mind the responsibilities the candidate is ready to take and what new he/she can bring to the organization. It should be to the crisp to the point, without beating around the bush and should convey in information clearly.

Sample Finance Manager Letter

James L. Paz,
1531 Rosemont Avenue,
Melbourne, FL 32901,
(321)-727 5128.

Date: August 18, 2008.

Mr. Benjamin K. Mayhew,
ABC Entertainment,
1303 Grand Avenue,
Orlando, FL 32801.

Dear Mr. John Smith

With reference to your advertisement in the American Express dated August 17, 2008, inviting applications for the post of a finance manager, please find enclosed my resume for your perusal.

Following are my strengths:

  • Exceptional background in M & A with tremendous contacts in the investment analysis community, investment banking and deal structuring.
  • Operational and strategic experiences in the field of finance that impact the end results.
  • Team and project leadership for accomplishing business goals.
  • Distribution, sales, and manufacturing assignments to build multi-site enterprises.
I am looking forward for an interview to discuss my past experiences and skill sets to consider me for this position. I assure you that I may prove an asset to ABC entertainment. You may call or email me for any further notifications.



James L. Paz.


Finance Manager Cover Letter Sample

William S. Miller,
4778 Arthur Avenue,
Kankakee, IL 60901,
(815)-802 8174.

Date:September 23, 2011.

Mr. Larry M. Newcomb,
GE Finance Corporation,
1724 Maple Street,
Orange, CA 92665.

Dear Mr. Newcomb,

I wish to apply for the position of a Finance Manager in your reputed organization. I came across this position after referring the latest edition of Business Fortnight that was issued on September 15, 2011. I hope I am have not missed the bus as I sincerely wish to be part of GE Finance Corporation.

Working as a Finance Manager for the past two years with Crompton Finance Ltd, I have been providing financial advice to our clients and colleagues for making correct business decisions. Apart from this I have also been extensively involved in the budget planning and financial implementation and practices.

A few of my responsibilities include:

  1. Analyzing the market trends and competitors.
  2. Providing financial information.
  3. Monitoring the cash flow.
  4. Predicting the trends for the future.
  5. Keeping a close watch on competitors and the market trends.
  6. Managing the budget.

I possess strong verbal and analytical skills. I am quite organized and self motivated and I am sure that I would prove an asset to your organization. I would be happy to meet you in person for an interview to take this further.

If you have any queries, I can be reached on the above telephone number. I thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

William S. Miller.



For a Finance Manager's position, a personal interview is very important to check the candidate's communication skills and knowledge. A manager cover letter should highlight all the important skills of a candidate along with their experience to prove the candidate's worth.


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