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Sample Operations Manager Cover Letter

Companies appoint operations managers to look after the business operations needs. They have to contribute in the production of the company by implementing measures that are effective and productive. A person working at this position has to prepare budgets for production operations, check inventories, and manage logistics. They schedule interviews, and oversee employees’ performances.

If you are looking for the position, you must flaunt your capabilities to the employers. This is the challenge you must accept at the time of job search. And the best way to do so is by writing a cover letter and resume.

Instructions on writing operations manager cover letter

  • Employers are already bored by reading several hundred cover letters. The only chance you have at your hand is by engaging them through the opening paragraph. An engaging paragraph will show them that you are in a different league.

    You can start with a short story about your accomplishment that has helped your ex-employers. Be brief and simple as “During my tenure with XYZ Company six years ago, the profit of the company was hitting the bottom. When I took the mantle in my hand, I found major problems in the operations procedures. Slowly, and steadily I managed to overcome the entire problem all by myself. Today, the company is pulling a decent profit. I will bring the same type of commitment at this position.

  • After engaging the readers, support your opening statement. Convince them in believing that you are the perfect match for the position. Talk about your experiences and achievements and explain what the company could gain from your employment.

  • Tell them about your interest for the company. You can talk about the product, services or their mission statement. Try to be creative and avoid making any clichés remarks.

  • The closing should generate an impact by summarizing your skills and experiences. It should remind the readers that there is no other match for the job than you. Finally, request an interview call and express your opinion to follow up.

Operations Manager Cover Letter

James B. Westfield
1200 East Street
El Cajon, CA 92020
Phone: (123) XXX-7088

September 26, 2011

Paris Marriott
Director Operations
ABC Enterprises Ltd.
200 Main Street
El Cajon, CA 92020

Dear Mr. Marriott

With in-depth knowledge about operations and 12 years of management experience under my belt, I am positive that I can meet and exceed all the challenges you have listed in the job advertisement. I am quick and efficient in solving problems and can manage all the supervision tasks comfortably.

I have been in the automobile industry ever since I started my career 12 years ago. Being from the same industry, I can predict that you will see a dramatic change in your operations procedures once I have occupied the position. This assertion is justified in greater detail on my enclosed resume. You will see my accomplishment have gained me a reputation of being the profit generator for any department I have worked in.

I started my career as an assistant operations manager with ABC Automobiles. Thereafter, I worked with other organizations winding up to my current position as the operations manager for the El Cajon regional office of Future Motors. All these various employments have helped me in getting into the root of operations. I also came to know the differences in the operations procedures each organization followed. These factors have contributed in compiling my knowledge and experience in various disciplines such as marketing, accounts, management, business administration and customer relationships.

In my current employment with A1 Motors, I am preparing a budget for the operations program. I am also looking after inventory control and the logistic department. My main responsibility is to cut down the operations expenses for all the departments of the company.

Is it possible to meet next week to discuss how I can help the company? You can pick any day and time that are convenient to you. Please give a confirmation call at my number.


James B. Westfield

Enclosure: Resume

We hope that you are satisfied with the instructions and operations manager cover letter sample. So, don’t waste your time. Switch on the computer and begin typing your cover letter.


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