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In this section you will find sample assistant cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on assistant jobs.

Assistant Cover LetterA cover letter is send along with your resume, while applying for job. The cover letter is your first impression on the recruiter/employer. Therefore, your cover letter should be to the point and formatted without any errors. The cover letter should represent your resume and should not look like a copy of your resume. Before you start drafting your assistant cover letters note down the details of previous work experience and the skills that you gained through these jobs that are suitable for assistant's job.

If you write the assistant cover letters in a step by step manner, you would find it easy to draft it. Start the cover letter by mentioning your address and today's date. Below your address details, mention the employers address details. Mention Employers name, title, organizations name and address. The cover letter should be divided into three or four paragraphs.

Start the cover letter by mention the exact designation you wish to apply for such as staff assistant, editor assistant, production assistant, administrative assistant, executive assistant, etc. Mention the skills that you possess that are suitable for this job and the skills that you wish to develop if you get the job. Provide information about how you used your multitasking skills during your last job or the target that you met during your last job.

Describe your roles and responsibilities in your previous organization in detail in the second paragraph. Those who have varied work experiences need to place emphasis on the skills they gained through this job which would be helpful in an assistant's job. For example: If you are applying for the position of executive assistant but you have work experience in customer service and event planning, then you need place emphasis on your managerial skills. Provide details about how you helped in event planning, tracked data and managed the event. An assistant has to deal with various clients. Hence you can highlight the customer service skills that you developed when you worked as customer care agent. While drafting your cover letter, do not copy paste the skill set and job description from your resume. Your cover letter format should appear different from your resume.

People with more than two years of work experience in the same field need to provide the details of their previous; the skills they developed through previous jobs, the roles and responsibilities they undertook. While glancing through your cover letter, the employer is looking for the skills that you already posses. Highlight the correct skills appropriate for the job will help you to get the job.

Those applying for the post of production assistant need to mention their work experience and internship experience. You need to highlight field work that you did during internship. Those who have work experience of more than 1 year need to mention the details of the production house they worked for and their roles and responsibilities.

Those looking for a designation change need to emphasize on their work experience, practical knowledge and skills gained during tenure at your previous work place.

Thank the employer for their time, mention your interest in the job and let them know that you are waiting for their reply or interview call. Use all letter etiquettes while writing the letter. Do not use short forms or SMS (short message service) language in the letter.

There are various assistant cover letters examples provided on this site. You can use them as a reference while drafting your cover letter. You can edit, modify, and change the format of these letters as per your preference. Send the cover letter along with your resume when you apply for a job. In the cover letter, mention that you have enclosed your resume.

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