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Sample Personal Assistant Cover Letter

The cover letter will judge, whether or not your resume that is sent with it, is read by the recruiters, or simply ignored. Hence, a little preparation while writing it will help in getting attention of the recruiters for the selection procedures.

The main goal of the letter is to inform about you and your professional qualifications and skills to the employers. It is also written to show your written communication skills. Moreover, it conveys that you are worthy of belief and have a presentation skill.

The employers need personal assistants who can manage administrative and secretarial task of the organization. People applying for the job should have a proper understanding of the ways the company functions. They must also possess knowledge about the company’s aim and objectives. Besides, ability to take proper judgment and maintaining the company’s confidentiality are the basic requirements for the position.

Personal assistants are required to liaison with the staff, management, clients and vendors of the company. Their main responsibility is to save time of their managers by managing paper works and other general tasks. Their job includes making travel arrangements of their superiors for business purposes. They even have to arrange and attend meetings to document the important details discussed in the meeting. Drafting emails, letters, memos and notices for official purposes are also part of their duties.

While reading your personal assistant cover letter, the employers will try to find the following:

  • The job needs someone who can work in a team and is capable of organizing business-related activities. Convey the employers that you have an attitude to work in a team and can organize any sorts of activity run in the company.
  • At times, you will have to take the responsibility on your own to solve problems that may arise in the company. Demonstrate, with an example, your ability in solving problems.
  • The employers will be interested to find you as a multi-tasking person who can perform the job by prioritizing it according to the deadline. Illustrate that you have the maturity and awareness about the importance of the projects and can meet the deadline through your management skills.
  • Show the recruiters that you are good in both forms of communication. Also demonstrate your soft skills in preparing reports and presentation in any computer applications.

Richard F. Bastian
235 Elk Creek Road
Norcross, GA 30071
Phone: (770) XXX-719

September 14, 2011

Jimmy D. McDonald
Human Resource Manager
XYZ Incorporation
2066 Sarah Drive
Norcross, GA 30070

Dear Mr. McDonald,

Your job posting for the personal assistant position is very exciting. As a contender for the position, I am writing this cover letter and enclosing my resume for your kind consideration.

I am an experienced personal assistant with seven years of service in the automobile industry. I have excellent communication skills and maturity to deal with people who have common interest in the company. I can work in a team and handle any work load with patience. I have met the deadlines of all the projects I have been assigned to take care of. I understand the nature of the work done in the company, and can maintain it confidentiality firmly.

In the enclosed resume, you can find the following experiences that make me an ideal choice for the position:

  • I can interact with staff, management, clients and vendors effectively both verbally and in writing. I have developed good interpersonal skills and can deal with people discretely and sensitively.
  • My soft skills are good and I can prepare reports, presentations, memos, and notices accurately in any software.
  • I can arrange meetings according to the management schedule.
  • I am good at prioritizing work and can meet project deadlines
  • I can maintain good business relationships with clients and vendors

Thank you for making me aware about the job opening. I will follow up with you after a week to know our date of meeting.

Yours sincerely,

Richard F. Bastian

Enclosure: Resume

This personal assistant cover letter is a perfect example in demonstrating your skills and experiences for the job. Use this sample letter if your experience is matching with it. If not, read it at least twice before crafting your cover letter.


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