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Sample Research Assistant Cover Letter

When you are trying for a research assistant job, you have to write a cover letter to the future employer. With the help of a cover letter, you would be able to show the employer that you are appropriate for the job, and you have the ability to perform well. The decision to call you for the interview or not is taken on the basis of how well you have presented yourself through your cover letter. So, when writing your research assistant cover letter, you must consider all the aspects that are necessary to impress the employer.

Everyone have the tendency to write the cover letter without actually going into the details of the employer’s needs. Maybe we are in a hurry or believe that the soon our cover letter reaches the employer, better are the chances of receiving a call. This practice and belief often backfires and risk the job opportunity. Therefore, probing into the details of the types of research done by the company is important. The employers will appreciate it if you transmit your understanding about their research work, and admit their area of expertise in the first paragraph of your research assistant cover letter.

Show your research experiences that are essential for the job in the second paragraph of the cover letter. If you are a fresher for research assistant position, you can include the experience you have gained from your project work. Here, you have to be specific in writing the type of the research work and the contributions you have done. If you are confident about your research work, and are appreciated, then you can add the name of the professor under whose supervision you completed the project.

As the research work is crucial and involves time and money, employers prefer hands-on experience from candidates. The reason is an experienced candidate can take care of the daily operations in the lab even under minimal or no supervision. Hence, adequate experience is crucial for a research assistant position.

As a research assistant, you will be working in a team where you will have to interact with people involved in the research work. Include your communication skills and show the employers that you have the ability to decide in an independent way what to do and when to do your work.

Research Assistant Cover Letter

Niko R. Brandon
120 East Research Street
Project City, Skill State – 00000
Phone: (791) XXX- 4484

September 5, 2011

Michael M. Steele
Deputy Director
ABC Research Center
3278 Diligent Street
Any City, Some State – 00000

Dear Mr. Steele,

I am interested in working as a research assistant in the molecular science department of your research center as advertised in the AAA Newspaper. I admire your research work in the field of cardiology that is helping millions of people suffering from the cardiac problem. With seven years of research assistant experience in the field of molecular cardiology, I have the skills and knowledge to contribute in your research work.

I am a science graduate from XYZ University specializing in biological science. In my previous employment, I have provided support in various research programs. I have even trained newly joined candidates from the science background. I have knowledge and understanding to plan the research work independently. I have the ability to handle the equipments in the laboratory for research work.

Besides being an organized person, I understand the importance of a team-coordination in the research work. I take care to avoid any communication gap while working. I can communicate my concepts to superior and subordinates effectively in writing as well as orally.

I am interested in meeting you to discuss about this position. I have also attached my resume. Please convey a convenient time of our meeting. Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the job.

Yours sincerely,

Niko Brandon

Enclosure: Resume

Use this research assistant cover letter sample as a reference and develop your own idea while applying for the research assistant post. Remember to express your interest and appreciation for the employer’s research activity.


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