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If there is anyone who knows what is going around in the company, it has to be the secretary. Secretary is the person who manages daily activities for a boss or an organization. Companies and professionals appoint a secretary for administrative and clerical support. The role played by the secretary in an organization is vital because they have to coordinate regularly with departmental heads, and clients to ensure things are running smoothly within and outside the organization.

Typically, the work of the secretary depends on the scale of the company. Some companies assign the secretary to correspond with vendors and clients for a specific project. They are also required to make training arrangements and supervise work of new recruits. The main part of their activity is to work according to the instructions given by their boss and report to them about the activities going in the company. Generally, secretary has to be a multi-talented person who can work under pressure and still produce the expected result.

When you are applying for a secretary position, your secretary cover letter should clearly communicate your ability of managing all sorts of administrative tasks. The employers will be interested in knowing whether you have the qualities and abilities to perform different tasks simultaneously without getting distracted from the routine work. Hence, your cover letter should demonstrate your ability of multi-tasking.

As a secretary, you will have to interact with different types of people within and outside the company. This means you should show the employers, through your cover letter, that you have the interpersonal and communication skills to convey your thoughts orally and in writing to the concerned person with perfection. Some employers, who have overseas clients, may also prefer knowledge of other languages. If you have studied or pursuing a language course, include it in the cover letter. The employers will see it as a plus point and would list down your name in the list of selected candidates for an interview.

The next things that should come in your secretary cover letter are clerical work experiences. As a secretary, you have to look after clerical work of the company. This includes filing work, making appointments, and pre-arrangements of meetings, preparing business reports, and minutes of the meeting, taking photocopies of documents, mailing and faxing them, answering emails, etc. If you have already performed these types of activities in your previous employment, mention it in the letter. Donít mention each of every activity you are performing daily. Just make sure that your cover letter communicates enough information to let the employers know that apart from other responsibilities, you can handle clerical tasks as well with confidence.

If you are pursuing a career as a legal secretary, then the cover letter should inform the employers that you have the knowledge about legal systems besides the routine secretarial tasks. Show the employers that you have the ability to draft and file legal documents. Interacting with clients, counselors and witnesses in cases is also necessary while working as a legal secretary. Besides these experiences, you must also have a degree in law, or you must have attended a course in a legal secretary program. Include all the relevant information in the cover letter that makes you an ideal candidate for the job.

In short, the conclusions we could derive from these above paragraphs are: the secretary cover letter should communicate ability in performing administrative and clerical tasks, your soft skills such as answering emails, preparing documents and minutes of meeting with the help of computer. If the cover letter is written for the post of a legal secretary, then it must talk about your knowledge related to legal systems, and your personal strengths to interact with clients, counselors and witnesses.

We understand the importance of the secretary in an organization, and the job opportunities it has. With this understanding, we have written a variety of secretary cover letter samples and provided it with the help of links below. You are free to click and use it as per your convenience.


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