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Sample Office Assistant Cover Letter

It is said that half the battle is won if you have the right strategy, which is further enhanced by a flawless execution. Likewise, when writing your office assistant cover letter, it is essential to plan and follow the right format to eliminate even the minute chance of rejection. Initially, it may seem as a waste of time in writing the cover letter, but it will surprise you if sincere efforts are applied in writing.

Once you know the duties and responsibilities of the job you are applying for, it becomes easier in writing the cover letter. For instance, your assistant cover letter should include all the essential elements that could help the employers feel that you are the right candidate for the job. It is also necessary to customize the cover letter as per the needs of the employers. Now, you may feel why I should make different cover letters even though my designation would be the same. The reason is every company would require you to handle different roles and responsibilities. So, include only those things employers are looking for in filling the position.

When writing your office assistant cover letter, try to target the employers’ needs by including keywords listed in the job description. Then, grab a business letter format. Address the letter to the right person rather than being vague by writing ‘To the Hiring Department’. Express your interest for the position. The employers would also like to know the reason you have chosen to work with them.

Don’t exaggerate and push it too far by including all of your skills in the cover letter. Be precise as you have the chance to describe it in depth at the time of the interview. If there is any special moment when you have received any recognition due to your hard work, feel free to include it with an example.

If you are totally new in this profession, then you must write those skills that office assistant must have. Most of the colleges have the schemes where they give students an opportunity to earn and learn. They even encourage students to participate in some volunteer work. You can include those experiences and explain how it had fueled confidence in you to work for the office assistant position.

Here is a sample cover letter that includes interest, previous skills and experiences for the office assistant position.

Office Assistant Cover Letter

Brian Adams
2100 Official Way, 11th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73125
Phone: (111) XXX-8259 • Email:

August 20, 2011

Mr. Charles D. Poole
HR Manager
Bright Automobiles Inc.
220 Motor Lane, Midway Complex
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Dear Mr. Poole,

I enjoy helping people in their work. For the last five years, I have worked as an office assistant. I believe that I possess the qualities to excel in this office assistant position as published in the ‘Employment News.’ I am an experienced professional who knows his job well, and I am very interested in using my skills and abilities to contribute for the growth of your organization.

My journey in this profession started when I started work as an assistant clerk in a financial firm. It was my dedication and enthusiasm that saw me promoted to the clerk position within a limited period of six months. Thereafter, working in three different companies allowed me all the opportunities to enhance my skills as an office assistant. Currently, I am working as assistant in an accounting firm where I am contributing my best towards smooth-functioning of the office.

I am handling variety of works that include coordinating with clients, and other staff members. I have even conducted an interview as per management’s guidance for entry-level positions. In my previous employment, I arranged a fortnight training session for 20 sales executives successfully. The management awarded a certificate of recognition for my work.

I am interested in meeting with you and explain in detail about my experiences. I will call you at office hours to know about your decision. Until then, thank you for your time and have a good day.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Adams

Enclosure: Resume

This cover letter is written by an experienced candidate who has the confidence and interest to contribute his part towards the growth of the organization he is applying in. It has conveyed the writer’s current position and responsibility. In addition, the cover letter also tries to attract the reader by mentioning the recognition received from the previous employer.


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