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Sample Medical Assistant Cover Letter

When applying for a job as a medical assistant, you need to send your resume and a cover letter that supports your claim mentioned in the resume. It provides an honest opinion about you to the prospective employers. Everybody has their own style of writing a cover letter, but it is advisable to follow the standard format that is generally accepted for employment. Though there is no hard-and-fast rule about the number of paragraphs in a cover letter, it is better to write it in three paragraphs—introduction, summary of achievements, and conclusion.

As the duties performed by medical assistants may not be the same, you have to check what type of duties you need to perform for the position. You should highlight the need of the employer in your cover letter. For example, if the job demands you to work for extra hours and during weekends, depending upon the situation, the cover letter must show your willingness to answer any call of the duty. This will show your commitment for the position, and could give you an edge over other applicants.

When applying for a medical assistant position in two different offices at the same time, you must understand the job’s requirement and make your cover letter unique. It is possible that one office just needs soft skills and good typing speed to enter their medical records in their system. Whereas, the second might prefer good communication skills and abilities to convince wholesalers for a better deal while purchasing medical equipments and other necessity. Carefully, highlight your skills and experience focusing on the employers’ requirements. This way, the chances in fetching an interview with the employers will be brighter.

Let’s help you out by creating a professional medical assistant cover letter sample that will be ready for use after you have modified it to suit your credentials.

Medical Assistant Cover Letter

Hilary Williams
28606 Phillips Street, P.O. Box 968
Elkhart, IN 46515
Home: (574) 264-3102 • Mobile: 4087653987 • Email:

August 10, 2011

Peter Greene
Hiring Manager
Angel’s Medical Clinic
4562 Capsule Avenue
Elkhart, IN 46505

Dear Mr. Greene,

My attention was drawn towards the job posting for a ‘medical assistant’ position in the Medical News published on August 9, 2011. Ever since I entered into this profession, five years ago, it was my dream to work in your clinic because of the high ethics you have towards patients care. Your job posting has given me an opportunity to bring my dream into a reality.

In my five years of medical assistant experiences, I have worked in orthopedic and pediatric surgery clinics. I have performed all types of administrative work and assisted physicians while performing surgeries. I have handled and arranged patients’ appointments as per physicians’ schedule. I have coordinated with insurance providers in filling up the insurance forms and followed them up for payments. I am also comfortable in filing, and entering medical records in the system. I can even perform all the necessary tests on patients as per physicians’ guidance that is required pre-surgery.

I have much more to talk and discuss about. I sincerely believe that I have understood the job requirements thoroughly, and with my experiences, I can perform my job to the best of your satisfaction. I am available any time at my cell number. You can call and leave a message at my home number, in case my cell is switched off or busy due to some emergency. Thank you for publishing the job opening and your time.


Hilary Williams

Enclosures: Resume

This cover letter is written to show the employer that the writer has administrative skills and experience in helping physicians while treating patients. It includes all the things required by the position listed in the job opening. More importantly, the cover letter has followed a standard format and is consistent throughout in the use of fonts, styles, etc.


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