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Assistant cover letters are letters written for assistant jobs. Assistants are required in most professions. Candidates take up an assistant job during the beginning of the career or if they lack experience and the required skills and qualifications for doing skill based jobs. These cover letters should cover all the minute details of your achievements which could further highlight your skills and talent.

As the candidate pursuing an assistant job lacks experience, their educational background is their only savior. This backed with the necessary skills and their enthusiasm to do the work and what they can bring to the company needs a mention.

Given below is an example of a Capitol Hill cover letter for assistant jobs. Candidates can use these letters as a reference and make appropriate changes to it as per their job profile and their skills sets.

Assistant Cover Letter

Justin K. Hudak,
2965 Broadway Avenue,
Chattanooga, TN 37403,
(423)-752 6636.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Ernest R. McDonald,
157 Rinehart Road.,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Dear Mr.McDonald,

I am writing to apply for the position of a staff assistant for Congressman Sonia Minz. While growing up in Nebraska's 7th District, I greatly admired Congressman Minz's efforts to improve the local economy and serve as a strong voice for social welfare programs. It would be an honor to work for Congressman Minz to help her fulfill her agenda in Washington.

During the 2002 campaign, I served as a research assistant with the Democratic National Committee, a position which ended following the campaign. While at the DNC, I supported many state and national campaigns by preparing extensive research reports and writing issue summaries for candidates and campaign staff. Additionally, I assisted a successful state legislative campaign during my senior year at the University of Notre Dame. I helped staff the campaign office and greeted visitors who wanted information on the candidate. I also coordinated several literature drops around the district, and was an active participant in the campaign's phone banks.

Through my experiences, I have developed strong organizational skills that will allow me to contribute to your office operations. During my tenure at the Democratic National Committee, I took on responsibility for coordinating all the research reports that were being sent out to candidates to ensure that they were delivered in a timely manner. Before I assumed the project, requests for information were being passed to from senior staff members to research assistants who then were responsible for sending them out. Unfortunately, since there were so many requests, some were never actually making it to the campaigns. I set up a system to track the requests and then check-off when they had been delivered. The system is still being used now.

This is a very exciting opportunity. I am certain that I would be a good representative for Rep. Minz, and would be able to contribute to the office in a very positive way.

Thank you for your consideration. I will follow up with you next week to schedule a time to meet.



Justin K. Hudak.

1) Resume attached
2) A letter of appreciation from the Democratic National Committee for the work done during the campaign.

An assistant cover letter should be backed with some reference or a letter of appreciation as the candidate's work cannot be verified owing to less experience. It should be drafted in an impressive style and need to be quite professional. One should be clear and precise of its contents. It would be a good idea to make a rough draft of the letter to make sure that you do not miss any points. The enclosures of the letter should include some of you best works at school or any other jobs that the candidate had taken.


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