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In this section you will find sample programmer cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on programmer jobs.

Programmer Cover LetterInformation technology is a fast growing and competitive field. To stay a step ahead of your competition, your need to prepare well for your interview, brush up your skills and send a well-written programmer cover letter covering your programmer resume. Use of cover letter is not limited to job applications. You can use it to convey your interest to work as a programmer in a particular company that is currently not having any recruitment drive. Send your cover letter to the appropriate person by find out the contact details through the company's website or by giving a call to the company office. Programmer cover letters must include details such as your technical skills, mention the exact designation you wish to apply for and mention your area of interest.

Steps to write programmer cover letter are as follows:

Introductions: Your contact details are mentioned at the top of the cover letter. You can either mention them in a header like your resume or mention them in an address format. Mentioning it in the header will help to create similar format as your resume. If you have already drafted your programmer resume, then keep it handy so that you can easily include important points in your cover letter. Include today's date after your address. Mention the HR head's name or the name of the person you are sending this letter to. Mention the person's designation and the company's address. Start the letter with a proper salutation like 'Dear William White'.

First paragraph: Let the recruiter know about the job profile you are interested in. For example: if you are applying for the position of senior programmer in java domain, then mention it in your resume. Provide the reason why you want to work with a particular company. Mention the positive aspects of the company and how you see your personal growth in the company. Don't forget to mention how you will be an asset to the company and help in the growth of the company.

Second paragraph: The body of the letter should highlight your technical skills and achievements. Mention that during your tenure at previous job you trained new joiners, if you wish to highlight your management skills. Mention your contribution in various projects. Provide example about how you coordinated with your team or communicated with the client. The recruiter will not only judge your technical but also interpersonal skills. If this paragraph is becoming lengthy then divide it into two paragraphs.

Final paragraph: In the last paragraph, thank the employer for considering your application and spending their time to go through your cover letter. Mention your desire to attend a face to face or telephonic interview in future.

This site contains various programmer cover letters that you can use as guideline when you draft your cover letter. The acceptance job offer cover letter can be used when you want to accept a job offer. Letter following up a telephone call can be used to create a customized cover letter to apply for a job after confirming about the opening through telephonic conversation. Letter of recommendation on this site can be used to recommend your friends or colleagues from a previous company for a job in your organization. Reference letter can be sent to seek guidance from your senior colleague or college senior. You can find out about job openings by sending a cover letter to the company of your interest to know about various programmer jobs opening in their organization. You can use the salary negotiation letter provided on this site to negotiate salary if you have received different job offers at the same time. Thank you cover letter is used to thank the recruiter for considering your application and keeping in touch with them during the recruitment process.

The Programmer cover letters must focus on your technical skills, the job profile you are interested in and the reason why you want to work for the organization. Read your cover letter and get rid of mistakes before sending it to the employer.

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