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Sample Reference Letter for Suggestion Senior or Alumni

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To make a successful career in the Information Technology sector, you may need guidance from your alumni or seniors. Even though you may know your seniors, you should have a professional approach, when you are contacting them for guidance. An effectively written cover letter is what you need to make the right impression and get an appointment with the concerned person. Your letter should clearly state the reason, why you are writing them this letter. Introduce yourself, your academic achievements and the career prospects you need guidance about.

Reference Letter for Suggestion-Senior/Alumni

Calvin S. Hodges,
3432 Devils Hill Road,
Jackson, MS 39211,

Date: May 16, 2005.

Mr. John F. Munday,
Senior Software Consultant,
Alpha Software,
1979 Philli Lane,
Jackson, MS 39211.

Dear Mr. Munday,

Mr. Stephen Rodrigo provided me your reference for guidance regarding various career avenues for entry–level programmer. I have completed my bachelors in computer application from Wilson Institute, MS. Have 6 months internship experience from Intex Software Services. I need you guidance to choose the correct programming prospects in software field.

During my graduation, I learned various programming languages such as java, VB, C, C++ and During my internship, I have worked on I am proficient in working on I was part of the software development team at Intex Software Services and gained experience about the practical implementation of software development life cycle. I would like to work as programmer. I want to know, what is the career future of programmer? And what additional specialization courses, I should enroll for to gain expertise in this programming language. Please let provide me a list of companies where entry-level programmers are recruited. I would be obliged, if you refer me to any company for programming job.

Please consider my request and provide an appointment, so that I can meet you and discuss my career prospects. Your precious suggestions will help me to build a strong career path. Please go through my enclosed resume, as it will provide additional details about my academic achievements. I will call your office on May 20, to get your appointment. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Calvin S. Hodges.

Copy of Resume.

Reference Cover Letter Sample for Suggestion-Senior/Alumni

Jack S. Spinks,
688 Quiet Valley Lane,
Los Angeles, CA 90017,
Home: (818)-925-7095,

Date: October 6, 2011

Mr. Calvin J. Sasser,
Senior Programmer,
Inflex Technology Limited,
4415 Lost Creek Road,
Los Angeles, CA 90017.

Dear Mr. Sasser,

I am Jack S. Spinks, a third year student Bachelor of Information System from California University. I found your reference details from the college alumni catalog. I need your guidance to choose appropriate internship program that will benefit my future career.

During my studies at California University, I have gained proficiency in programming. I have good academic record and participated in various inter-colleges coding competitions. I have experience of creating student management system software for the Wilson School, CA.

I need your guidance to choose the appropriate company for internship, so that I can brush my programming skills and gain expertise about implementation of theoretical knowledge in actual work environment. I am looking forward to make career as Java programmer. I have studied both core and advanced java.

Please take some time out from your busy schedule to meet me, so that I can discuss my career prospects and plan internship search. Please go through the attached resume, as it will provide you further details about my academic achievements and proficiency in programming. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jack S. Spinks

Enclosure: Resume

The samples of reference cover letter provided above can be used as guideline, when you draft your programming reference letter. Proof read the letter before sending it to the concerned person.

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