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Sample Thank You Cover Letter To Referrer

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A thank you cover letter is a short letter that shows your appreciation for the efforts your referrer is taking for you. When an individual is referring you to a job, it is your duty to thank them in the proper way. You must write a thank you letter to your referrer as they are playing a crucial part in the process of your being placed in the job of your choice.

Thus a thank you cover letter to your referrer is a letter that you should write to him to thank him for his invaluable help. The referrer might be acting as your mentor, hence you need to show them how much you appreciate their efforts and how you would require their help and guidance again as you go on making important career choices.

The referrer will probably refer you to the prospective employers because of which your employers might even grant you an interview date.

In the IT sector, referrals are a common practice and hence programmers and Software professionals are required to write such letters. Given below is an example of a thank you cover letter to referrer for programmers.

A thank you cover letter sent by a programmer to his referrer will contain a mention about some guidance related to the IT field that they have given you. The referrer might advise you to join some short duration program or internship or refer you to some place where they would train you before you start work. You need to mention about these and thank them for their invaluable suggestions.

Do not make the letter too lengthy. You do not want to waste your referrer's time. Use smaller paragraphs, ideally two, or three instead of one big block of sentences. Use formal writing for the letter and do not use slang or shortcuts. Mention the name of the receiver correctly. Use proper salutation to show your respect.

Thank You Letter to Referrer

Frank Brulee,
4321, Rainbow street,
Albuquerque, NM 01741,

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Samuel Emanuel,
Androit Software and Technology,
88 East, 53 street, Grove Avenue,
New York, NY 43514-7896.

Dear Mr. Emanuel,

I am writing to thank you for meeting with me yesterday evening to discuss about my career goals. The conversation with you has instilled newfound enthusiasm in me and filled me with hope regarding my strengths and skills. I am now reconstructing my resume keeping in view the pointers you gave me. I will be sending you a copy of it shortly. Do let me know if you find any more suggestions to give me regarding this.

Again, I would like to thank you for taking so much of your valuable time off your tight schedule to help me with this significant step of my career. I will keep in touch with you and keep you up to date with new developments without wasting too much of your time. I will surely take your advice and join the summer internship program with new interest and dedication that has been possible because of you.


Frank Brulee.

Now that you have a sample template, construct your thank you letter according to your own needs and make changes in it. Use a good quality paper for the hard copy, if any. Use your old school techniques if the referrer is conservative or else, use your imagination to implement creative ideas in the lettering while thanking your referrer.


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