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Sample Thank You Cover Letter After Interview

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A cover letter can come to your aid in various situations like; job acceptance, job acknowledgement, salary negotiation, thanking the employer, resigning etc. A cover letter follows the pattern of an official or formal letter. It includes formal salutations, formal language and point-to-point discussions. A thank you cover letter is yet another type of an official cover letter that is written in order to thank the employer for:

  • Calling you for an interview.

  • Offering you the post you applied for.

  • Accepting the salary negotiation proposal that you had put forward.

  • Accepting your resignation letter, etc.

A thank you cover letter follows the pattern and structure that is similar to all other cover letters. The language of your cover letter has to be appropriate and official. An after-interview thank you cover letter is written in order to tell the employer how you felt after the interview. It is a kind of feedback that you give to the employer regarding your opinions and views about the interview and the various discussions that took place during the session. You can mention the various positive points that attracted you in the company. You can talk about the staff that you encountered or about the members of the panel who took your interview. Please take care not to make too many value judgments in your letter. You must also take care to make sure that you do not appear over-flattering. This may give a wrong impression to the employer that you are unnecessarily praising them in order to avail the post. So keep the descriptions limited and to the point.

Given below is a sample thank you cover letter after interview. You can take the help of the following sample to frame and draft your own thank you cover letter. You can also make necessary changes in places as per your requirement and need.

Sample Thank You Cover Letter After Interview

Alice T. Torres,
43 Victoria Court,
Exeter, ME 04435,
Phone: 207-379-4923
Email Address:

Date: November 15, 2011

Date: 1st May, 2005.

Bob V. Hernadez,
HR, PQR Softwares,
23 Hemlock Lane,
Harlingen, TX 78550.

Dear Mr.Hernadez,

I am writing this letter to thank you for the opportunity given by you to sit in an interview for the position of Asst. software programmer in your esteemed organization. I feel very glad to write to you that I was greatly enticed with the organization's atmosphere. I got to know a great detail about your organization's working procedures and various other details of the work atmosphere from the interview session. I must admit the fact that the work culture in your organization is worth appreciation.

The interview gave me a chance to gauge how compatible my background, interest, and skill-sets are with the goals of PQR Softwares.The discussions regarding the responsibilities that come with the position of an assistant software programmer really excited me. As we discussed during the interview, my experience as a junior software developer in Regional Software & Technology, has prepared me well for future endeavors and opportunities offered by you.

Without taking much time of yours , I would like to conclude the letter by saying that, it will be my honor and privilege to work for your company and to be a part of your organization. I would be very happy if I am considered a suitable candidate for the post.

Enclosed along with this is the copy of my experience certificates from my last employer. You can contact Mr. Dave Manning, my present employer for want of any clarifications.

If you have any queries you can always contact me on the number provided above. If any need arises, I will also contact you with necessary permission.

I look forward to seeing you again.


Alice T. Torres

1. Copy of experience certificates - expletter.doc


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