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Cover letters can be termed as the 'inevitable lots' in the modern days. People in the commercial and corporate world will not be able to imagine an official life without cover letters. They are being used exhaustively for all official purposes.

Out of the many categories of cover letters, one is follow-up cover letter. As the name suggests, such type of a cover letter is written in order to follow-up with the employer or the recruiter, who had called you. Remember this point that, such a type of cover letter is written only if the employer or recruiter has called you to give any details regarding the job profile.

Do not get confused with a thank you cover letter and a follow-up cover letter. There is a difference between both of them. The former is written in order to thank the employer for any favor granted and the latter is written in order to be updated with the person who has called you. It dawns the impression on the reader that you are keen to join the organization and that is why you want to be updated with the minute happenings of the recruitment process.

The samples given below will direct you in drafting an effective cover letter.

Follow Up of Telephone Call

Ernest L. Rodgers,
2375 Dogwood Lane,
Gilbert, AZ 85233,
(520)-610 6399.

Date: May 28, 2008

Mr. John A. Gilbertson,,
ABC Programs,
3076 Harry Place,
Matthews, NC 28105.

Dear Mr. Gilberston,

It was indeed a great pleasure to talk to you yesterday. I was really glad that you could take out time from your schedule and give me a call. I was a bit perplexed about my career goals and the profile of the job that I was applying for. But talking to you yesterday was indeed very helpful in solving my confusions.

I was able to update my resume accordingly with a great deal of help from your side. I also got to know a great deal about the profile of the job and the responsibilities that accompany this profile. Now I am very clear about my decision to join your firm. I am enclosing a copy of my resume along with this letter and I extend my keen interest in joining your firm.

I am looking forward to hear from you soon.


Ernest L. Rodgers

1. Resume – myresume.doc

Sample Cover Letter for Programmers Follow Up of Telephone Call

Sylvia L. Hogan,
4686 Virgil Street,
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548,

Date: April 27, 2009.

MS. Deborah J. Prather,
XYZ Programmers,
4495 Lucky Duck Drive,
Pittsburgh, PA 15215.

Dear Ms. Prather,

I write this letter, with extreme happiness, to thank you for your call yesterday. I had some problem with the profile of the job. I had some pre-dispositions regarding the post. But thanks to your call yesterday. It has cleared all the clouds of doubt that had gathered in my mind.

Now I am very much sure and confident about my decision of joining XYZ Programmers. I have enclosed my updated resume along with this letter. I hope that you will take out some time to go through it and help me in fulfilling my aspiration of joining your company.

I would also like to thank you for the contact details that you gave me. I really appreciate the amount of patience that you showed in responding to my queries. It is really a virtue that is hard to find in busy people like you.

I would definitely be there on time for the interview tomorrow. And I look forward to meet you soon.


Sylvia L. Hogan.

1. Resume – myresume.doc
2. Certificate of appreciation, Regional Systems. – appletter.doc


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