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In this section you will find sample legal cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on legal jobs.

Legal Cover LetterThere are several ways to apply for job in the legal field. You may either apply after reading an advertisement in the leading newspaper or through an online job portal. You need to send a legal resume and a cover letter when you are applying for these jobs. If an employee of the company has recommended you for the job, then you need to send a reference cover letter. You can send a cover letter for follow up or to thank the employer for selecting you for the job. A legal cover letter must highlight your skills, work experience and education details. Collect all the information you need to mention in your cover letter before you start drafting it.

Different types of cover letters for legal jobs are as follows:

Acceptance of a job offer: When you want to get into the corporate world, you need to make sure that you communicate in a professional manner. Hence to inform the company that you are accepting their job offer, you need to send an acceptance of a job offer letter. This letter is written to thank the employer for selecting you for the job and giving you a chance to think about this opportunity and reply within few days. Clearly mention details such as your confirmation of joining the job, the date of joining and providing any detail the employer has asked for.

Letter to follow up telephone call: Those candidates who have enquired about a job opening by calling the company contact number can send this letter when they are applying for job. Mention the details of the telephonic conversation that you had with the concerned person. Provide the details of the position you are applying for, your qualification and work experience that make you eligible for the particular job opening. Enclose a legal resume with this cover letter and send it to the recruiter.

Letter of recommendation: This letter is written when you are recommending a friend or co-worker for any job opening. You can mention how you know this person and how proficient is the person in legal jobs. Mention the best qualities and skills that you have noticed in them that make you feel that they are the right candidate for the job. The body of the letter should describe the achievements of your colleague in the legal field. Thank the employer for their time and request them to consider the person you have recommended for an interview.

Reference letter for suggestion: In the legal field, you have to undergo internship training and do part time jobs. Your academics and these jobs are a learning process. At times you need to send letter to a professional lawyer or your senior to get suggestions or recommendations for future career. If you are confused about the further studies or job you want to do, ask for guidance from these people. If you want them to recommend you for any internship in their organization, clearly mention it in your letter and mention your achievements and skills that make you eligible for the internship.

Legal cover letter for job application: When you are applying for any legal job, draft a professional cover letter that highlights your skills related to legal field, mention your achievements and work experience (if any). List the details of the special training you have undergone, participation in various law college seminars, and details of part-time jobs that were related to legal field.

Thank you letter after interview: Thank you letter is sent after the interview to thank the employer for their time. To let them know that you are grateful that they considered you for the particular job profile. It is important to mention that you will get in touch with them to know about the final selection or will eagerly await the results.

The legal cover letters provided on these sites can be customized according to your requirement. Draft a new cover letter every time you apply for a job. Avoid sending a generic cover letter. Proof read it to find spelling, typing and grammar mistakes.

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