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Sample Acceptance Job Offer Cover Letter

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Being from a legal field, you are already accustomed to letters. But, I guess you might have not written a job acceptance letter anytime before. Well, now as the time has finally arrived, there will not be any difficulty in writing the letter for you. It is similar to a business letter, and do not take more than few minutes in drafting it.

Like the business letter, it confirms the understanding between two parties. Having knowledge about business letter writing rules will help you in writing the job acceptance cover letter. Here, the understanding is about the terms the job offer entails. By communicating your understanding before beginning to work, it clears all the doubts between you and the employers. In addition, it is a legal document that documents your acceptance of the offer.

Now, why should we write the job acceptance letter? The reason is as we all join a new company with lots of hope and for better prospects, we should, as a precautionary measure; clear all the doubts before joining.

Follow these tips to ensure everything is falling in the right place.

  1. Your selection is the decision of more than one person. Further, it is not practical to write the letter to all the members of the selection committee. Therefore, write it to the person from whom you received the job offer.

  2. Think about the feelings you experienced while reading the job offer or learning about it on the telephone. Start the letter by transforming the same feelings into words. That way, the words typed by pressing each key on the keyboard will reflect your genuine feelings.

  3. Show what you understood from the offer letter or from the telephonic conversation by restating the employment terms. Besides thanking the employer for the offer, another important purpose is to repeat the terms since it is a legal document you can refer to in the future, if something goes wrong between you and the employer. Therefore, ensure you include the following in the letter:

    • job position/title
    • job responsibilities
    • working hours each day/week
    • salary or CTC (Cost to the Company)
    • other aids or benefits
    • starting date

  4. Communicate your positive enegry to start the work with the company. Describe a thing or two about the company that you found exciting during your visit to the company.

  5. Run the spell check, and read it twice. Make sure, you attest your signature at the end with a pen.

Job Acceptance Letter for Legal Job

Donald J. Knutson,
2751 Burning Memory Lane,
Philadelphia, PA 19103,
(215)-000 4569.

Date: October 24, 2011.

Mr. Thomas L. Cantrell,
ABC Business Associates,
343 Bobcat Drive,
Philadelphia, Pa 19100.

Dear Mr. Cantrell,

I am on cloud nine by receiving the job offer letter. Thank you for your kind consideration and accepting me suitable for the position of legal assistant in your organization. By all means, this letter serves as an official confirmation of my intention to accept the offer and join ABC Business Associates.

As per the understanding derived from the offer letter, I believe my annual compensation packages is $___. I also confirm that it includes other benefits such as medical, insurance, housing allowance and commuting expenses. To be eligible for the stated salary, I will be working eight hours a day and 40 hours each week. My official work schedule is morning 10 to evening 6. As discussed, my responsibilities would be to analyze the project needs and draft a legal understanding between the company and its clients, and the complicated legal documents relating to the business.

I am desperately waiting to join your company, which is November 23, 2011. I am excited to join your team of legal experts, and I feel this opportunity has given me a chance to prove my capabilities and knowledge relating to legal business issues.

Thank you for offering me the job. I would welcome your calling me in case any other information you need from my sides.


Donald J. Knutson

The job responsibility and salary of the legal assistant would depend on the company. So, before drafting the job acceptance letter, read the terms carefully and restate the responsibilities you are supposed to handle in the position. We hope this article and sample job acceptance letter has given you enough confidence in drafting the letter while accepting the job.

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