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Sample Acceptance Job Offer Cover Letter

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Letter has become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. At times, we write to express our delight, and sometimes just for the sake of formality. When talking about professional letters, one letter that is often misconceived with the latter part is the job acceptance letter. When a candidate receives a job offer, he/she just revels in the success. They feel job offer ends the need for any further communication. However, the job acceptance letter is much more than completing a formality.

As the name goes, job acceptance letter is an official communication that informs the employer about the acceptance of the job offer by the candidate. It is a different type of letter than other professional letters. With this letter, you establish a kind of legal agreement with the company by complying to work on quoted terms. Simply put, it is a formal statement of acceptance of any offer made to you such as a job, request, invitation or an opportunity. It is one of the effective ways to communicate your gratitude and thoughts on the employment terms and conditions, and to express your excitement to join the company.

Since the employment terms and conditions are written considering the legal aspects, it is difficult to understand the meaning of the sentences. There are few companies which use languages that are not simple and difficult to understand as well. You have to read it repeatedly to get the meaning behind those sentences. If you are still not able to understand, then the job acceptance letter gives you an opportunity to get clarifications from the employer. The employers would love to answer your concerns because they need you. So, take it to your advantage, and write the job acceptance letter when you are offered a job.

To write the job acceptance letter for pharmaceutical jobs, you must be clear about the elements that go in the letter. They are:

  • The recipient's name and title from whom you received the job offer.

  • Appreciation for the opportunity given to you.

  • Name of the position you will working in.

  • Compensation packages and date of joining.

  • Convincing references.

  • Your commitment for the job.

  • Any changes you would like to see in the terms and conditions lay down by the employer.

Job Acceptance Cover Letter for the Pharmaceutical Jobs

Glenn L. Schell,
2132 Cimmaron Road,
Anaheim, CA 92806,
(714)-000 8653.

Date: October 21, 2011.

Mr. Paul K. Coates,
HR Manager,
ABC Pharmaceutical Inc.,
3800 Ashton Lane,
Anaheim, CA 92804.

Dear Mr. Coates,

Let me start this job acceptance cover letter by expressing my sincere thanks and appreciation for offering me the 'Clinical Research Associate' position in one of the trend setters in the field of cancer treatment. I am committed to helping patients who are battling with this dreadful disease with my experiences in researching drugs for the cancer cure. I am thankful to your staff for making me aware about the facility ABC Pharmaceutical provides in research work. The facility tour has just strengthened my desire and interest to join your research team.

Please receive this letter as an official acceptance statement of the job offer. I am happy to say that November 23, 2011 will be the special day of my professional career since it is my joining date in your company. The annual salary package we discussed is US $ XXX. The other terms such as medical benefits, accident insurance, family education allowances are accepted to me. I understand that for the first 24 months from the date of joining, I will be working on a contract basis. The contract is subjected to renewal once I successfully complete the contract period.

As requested, a copy of my medical report is enclosed with this letter for your record. Once again, thank you for allowing me to use my research experience and skills with your team to develop products that will help millions of people across the globe.

At the same time, please call me for any information or document you need me to submit before joining.


Glenn L. Schell.

There are many job profiles in the pharmaceutical industry. We have considered the most essential profile in the industry and written this sample of a job acceptance letter. The salary and other conditions of joining will depend on your experience, and how you have convinced the employer to accept your demand at the time of the interview. If the terms and conditions are matching with the offer made to you, use this sample letter as a direction and express your acceptance.

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