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Sample Acceptance Job Offer Cover Letter

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Getting a desired job is a lengthy process. You have to fight tooth and nail to overrun several candidates in the line. And when you successfully defeat other contenders, the job is finally offered to you. You would either receive a call, or an offer letter from the company. In most situations, the company sends the offer letter at the candidate's address detailing the rules and regulations to be accepted and followed by you in the job. It also states the joining date. This way, things are cleared from both the sides to ensure a transparency in the employee-employer relationships.

Now, that you have won the hiring game, it is essential to inform the company that you have understood and accepted the employment agreement and are ready to join on the agreed date. You can fulfill this purpose by writing a job acceptance letter to the company. Write to the person who has attested his/her signature on the offer letter. The idea of the letter is to say 'thank you' to the person, express your eagerness to join the company, mention the employment agreement, the joining date, and get doubts cleared, if there is any.

Here are few instructions you must follow when communicating your confirmation for the job offer.

  • Job acceptance letter is the simplest, shortest and pleasant letter that confirms your acceptance of the offer. Start by thanking the employer for the offer. Mention the job position and the starting date of your work. Put your acceptance straight, and ask them to treat the letter as your acceptance of the offer.

  • Repeat the conditions from the offer letter. This will be a reminder to you and the employer. If there was any request from your side which the employer has agreed during the interview, but forgot to mention it in the offer letter, remind the employer about the request and the verbal acceptance. This will also show that you have a good memory, and you never leave anything unattended.

  • Get it clear if there is something from the offer letter you are not able to understand. This will save you from regretting at the later stage. Keenly look through other benefits such as insurance, annual paid leaves, medical facilities, and other allowances. See if these are all as per your expectations.

Job Acceptance Letter for Engineering Job

Robert L. Lane,
312 Sigley Road,
Topeka, KS 66608,
(785)-000 1946.

Date: October 24, 2011.

Mr. Mark B. Underwood,
Hiring Manager,
Bright Engineering Ltd,
3252 Colony Street,
Topeka, KS 66610.

Dear Mr. Underwood,

I was awaiting receipt of your job offer with a bated breath. And when I finally received it today morning, I was screaming in delight like a kid. It was my ambition to work with one of the reputed names in the engineering field, and this offer letter is like my dream came true. Thank you for offering me the position of (insert the job position/title) in Bright Engineering Ltd. I am happy to accept the job offer and this letter is a formal acceptance of the same.

As per the offer, I am excited to find that I will be receiving an annual salary of $___. I agree that I will have to complete two months of working in your company to get eligible for other benefits such as medical, life insurance and the provident fund. I will be joining your company in 30 days henceforth (November 23, 2011) after serving the notice period with my current employer.

I appreciate all the support, and affection showered on me by your team during the interview process. Please accept my sincere gratitude for giving me an opportunity that I can cherish for my entire life. I promise you that I will give you no excuse in doubting my selection for the position. I will extend any limit and work diligently towards the growth of the company.

If there is anything I am expected to fulfill before joining, please let me know. Once again, thank you for considering me for the position.

Yours sincerely,

Robert L. Lane,

Engineering is a very wide discipline. Our aim was to write a general job acceptance letter which could be used for all the engineering jobs. Therefore, we have left the job position to be filled by you. You also need to input the offered salary where the XXX word is used. You need to keep the letter short and the tone upbeat. Refer this sample letter while drafting your job acceptance letter.

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