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Though writing and shooting an email might seem outdated in these days of technology invention, especially when a job has been offered to you, yet nothing can come closer in communicating your job acceptance by a letter. The acceptance letter is a formal communication in accepting the job offer regardless of the job being offered on the phone or via email. It confirms your approval, show your professionalism, and make your future employer aware about the reasons they offered you the job. Above all, it is the best way to display your professional mannerism.

Today, we have all the latest technology to assist us in writing letter. Still we should stick to the old traditional method of letter writing when people were used to with pen and paper. To put in simple words, the letter should start by affirming your acceptance of job. Then, it must add the details of the job such as salary, other perks, and joining date. The job details are important to ensure nothing is missed-out from your side.

The job acceptance letter should be sent soon after receiving the job offer. If you take longer time to confirm your taking, the employer may think that either you have another offer, or you simply do not agree the terms and conditions you are supposed to work on. Failing to get your confirmation, they would go ahead and employ the next candidate in their list.

Some companies would require to you to sign the job offer letter, which could save your effort and time to write the acceptance letter. However, before signing, you need to read the terms and conditions of employment carefully. If any of the clauses on the offer letter is not clear, you can contact the hiring manager and put forth your concerns.

Make sure the job acceptance letter you would be writing is short and precise. The content should be fitted on one page and in few paragraphs. The purpose here is to thank the hiring manager, state and discuss the specifics of job, and reaffirm what you could contribute for the offered position. Once again, tell the employer how important the job is for you, and you appreciate the opportunity given in serving the company.

Let us see how we can use this foregoing in writing the letter for an advertising job.

Acceptance of Job Offer Cover Letter – Advertising

Mario P. Henry,
2407 Horseshoe Lane,
Northampton, PA 18067,
(484)-000 7934.

Date: October 20, 2011.

Mr. John K. Rogers,
HR Manager,
Fine Advertising Ltd.
4774 Freedom Lane,
Northampton, PA 18065.

Dear Mr. Rogers,

Thank you for offering me the job of a marketing manager in your company. With this letter, I officially confirm my acceptance of your job offer. To expatiate our telephonic discussion, I will be joining your company on November 15, 2011 at an annual salary of $00,000/-. In addition, I will be receiving an incentive of 20% on total gross sale every quarterly. I would be entitled for annual paid leaves of 15 days after completing my six-month of working in your company without remaining absent from the work even for a single day.

As a marketing manager, I will be working mostly on the field and out of the office. However, as agreed during the interview, for my office work, I will be working in a separate cabin with a computer, fax and printer to complete my reporting and paper works. We also agreed one administrative assistant under my supervision to assist me in the office work.

I confirm that I have understood the terms and conditions of my employment completely and correctly. I am enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope with this acceptance letter to be signed and mailed by you.

Once again, I thank you for the opportunity. I assure you that you will find significant changes in sales figures of your company just within few months of my resuming the work. I am waiting eagerly to begin my work with you.


Mario P. Henry.

In this sample letter, the candidate is clearly restating the terms of employment both have agreed on. The joining date, salary, incentives, leaves and other requirements like separate cabin, an assistant, and hardware requirements are correctly mentioned. You can refer this job acceptance cover letter sample when you receive an offer and want to confirm your acceptance. After mailing the letter, follow up with the employer to find out if it has been received, or whether there is any question still to be answered.


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