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Sample Acceptance Job Offer Cover Letter

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During the recruitment process you need to communicate with the employer through letters. Hence, it is important that you spend some time to draft effective cover letter, to create the right impression on your future employer. Once you receive a job offer from a company you need to inform them whether you are accepting the job. An acceptance job offer is sent to let the employer, to let them know that you have accepted their job offer. It is important to thank the employer for selecting you for the job. Assure them that you fulfill the responsibilities levied upon you.

The job offer acceptance cover letter should be divided into three sections. In the introduction of the letter, you should thank the employer for selecting you and let them know that you have accepted their job offer. You can provide details such whether you will be able to join the organization on the stipulated date of joining. If the recruiter has asked you to submit any documents, then attach those documents along with the letter. Let the receiver know that you have enclosed these documents.

Acceptance of a Job Offer

Dorothy Bolton,
48 Braxton Street,
Chicago, IL 60606,

Date: May 26, 2005.

Mr. Solomon Schmidt,
Recruitment Head,
William Academy of Arts,
359 Cherry Camp Road,
Chicago, IL 60643.

Dear Mr. Schmidt,

       This is to inform you that I am accepting the job offer for the post of Administrative Head at William Academy of Arts. I feel elated to become a part of such a well known educational organization.

       I assure you that I will be joining your office on the joining date June 15, 2005. Thank you for selecting me for the post of Administrative Head. My previous work experience in the administrative department will help me to fulfill my duties efficiently.

       Thank you for your consideration and time. As per your instructions, I have attached my work experience document along with this letter. Please contact me on the phone number provided above, if I need to submit any other official documents.


Dorothy Bolton.

Work experience letter

Sample Cover Letter for Acceptance of Job Offer

Samuel H. Bennett,
1137 Mcwhorter Road,
Jackson, MS 39201,

Date: May 14, 2005.

Mr. Otto K. Noah,
HR Manager,
Inflex Corporation Ltd.,
1703 Brownton Road,
Starkville, MS 39759.

Dear Mr. Noah,

      This is to inform you that I have received the job offer letter for the post of Administrative Assistant. I am sending this letter to inform you that I have accepted your job offer. I am grateful that you considered me suitable for this job profile. It is celebrated movement of my career that I will be a part of a well-known multi-national company

      As per the job offer letter, I clear understanding that I will be receiving a salary of $35,000 per annum and my designation would be administrative assistant. I assure you that I would successfully complete the task assigned to me. My previous experience in administrative department and knowledge gained through specialization course in administration will help me to excel in my work.

      Thank you for selecting me for the post of administrative assistant. As per the guidelines provided in the job offer letter, I have attached all the work experience, education and appreciation documents. Thank you for your precious time.


Samuel H. Bennett

1. Work experience documents
2. Educational documents
3. Appreciation letter from previous employer

The acceptance job offer letter for administrative jobs provided above can be used as guideline, when you draft your cover letter. Use professional formatting to draft this letter. The font use d should be readable and professional. It is essential to proofread the document and remove all the spelling, typing and grammar mistakes.

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