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Sample Thank You Cover Letter To Referrer

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Nowadays, people are so career-conscious that they hardly have any time to spare for their families. Let alone, friends and colleagues. There are many reasons behind being careered-centric. Let us not talk about those reasons, as it will take lots of time to cover it. However, if somebody does take some time and offer words of a suggestion for your good, then you must express your gratitude towards their kind gestures. And what better way it could be to express your gratitude other than writing a thank-you cover letter.

Tips to write thank you cover letter to referrer for legal jobs

  • Thank-you letters to referrer are personal letters. This does not mean that you should take all your leisure in writing it. The essence of the letter lies in its timing and sincerity. Though the act may be selfless, but the people favoring you still expect at least an appreciation for their act.

  • It is accepted that there are most effective and faster ways of communications. Thanks to the technology. However, try to bring the old-world charm by sending it the thank-you cover letter through the mail. This will reflect that you are really serious about appreciating someone rather than simply doing formalities.

  • Thank you letters are different from the conventional letters. It is written to connect and strengthen the relationship between two people. So, take a pen and paper and pen down your expression. Mailing a hand-written thank-you letter would add a personal touch as compared to a typed one. If you cannot help it because of your hand-writing, then type the letter.

  • Describe exactly what you are appreciating. Let the readers know about their acts that prompted you to thank them. Specify whether it is the reference, suggestion, or some materials provided by them for your personal or professional use that helped you. It is also possible that the recipient may have helped many in different ways, (though it is rare, but still we should consider the point), citing details will connect the episode.

  • As you are writing to thank the person, try to give importance to 'you' rather than 'I'. This way, you will be able to communicate your right feelings. Moreover, the readers too will appreciate your sincerity.

Thank You Letter to Referrer

Oliver Batistuta,
1500 East 25 Street,
Victoria, WA 65478,
(123)-456 7890.

Date: October 5, 2011.

Mr. Michael Rock,
Law Consultant,
ABC Associates, Inc.
120 Lighting Avenue South,
Victoria, WA 65478.

Dear Mr. Rock,

Please accept my sincere appreciation for your selfless act in helping me out in prioritizing my career options. I am grateful to you that in spite of being busy in your professional life, you spared some moments for me and provided the much-needed assistance to pursue my legal career.

The time spent with you are the most memorable moments of my life. The discussion we had allowed me to foresee the wide options available in the law field. My maturity level has risen, and I can begin hunting job with a right approach.

The changes you recommended in my resume have been implemented. Now, the employers can easily understand my skills and accomplishments. I have taken your suggestions to heart and have already started reading articles on civil and criminal cases. I would love to have a discussion on those cases whenever you have some spare time. I contacted Mr. Ethan Bresnan on the number you gave me for some practical training. He is out–of–town, and the receptionist asked me to contact after a week. I will update you once I begin the training.

Once again, thank you for giving me your valuable time. Your support has given me the strength to focus on my career and follow the right path.


Oliver Batistuta.

So, am I able to eliminate your doubts on writing a thank you cover letter to referrer for legal jobs? I guess the tips, and this sample letter is all you have been waiting for to express your appreciation to the referrer.

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