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The term 'cover letters' need no introduction or definition, seeing the level of usage of cover letters in these days. The corporate world is making exhaustive use of the cover letters for almost all and every official requirements, in conveying messages or putting a forward a proposal.

Cover letters are categorized into many. A follow-up cover letter is one among them. In this type of a cover letter you thank the employer or the recruiter for contacting you. You write this letter in order to follow the procedures of the recruitment and to be updated with the on-goings of the process.

If you are not very familiar with this pattern, you can take help of the samples given below if you want to draft a follow-up cover letter.

Follow Up of Telephone Call

Luis K. Henry,
3422 Braxton Street,
Thomas (Bureau), IL 61346,
(815)-542 5862.

Date: June 16, 2009.

Mr. Rubin L. Schlesinger,
JKL Accounts,
224 Kelly Drive,
Bluefield, WV 24701.

Dear Mr. Schlesinger,

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for contacting me yesterday. You have helped me a great deal in re-framing my career objective and goals. I was not very clear about what my goals should be for the prospective post for which I had applied. But thanks to your call that came as a rescue in my dilemma.

I have updated my resume, as per your guidance, which highlights my career goals and achievements. A copy is enclosed for you.

I also thank you for all the contact details that you gave me of people whom I can contact to get more details regarding this job profile.

I would appreciate the opportunity, likely an interview, to discuss how my experience and qualifications will be helpful to you. I will give you a call tomorrow morning and come for a meeting after the lunch hours, as suggested by you on phone. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Luis K. Henry.


Sample Cover Letter for Legal Issues(Jobs) – Follow Up of Telephone Call

Clara C. Matthew,
1954 College View,
Zeigler, IL 62999,
(618)-596 9087.

Date: December 16, 2008.

Ms. Melissa R. Broussard,
LMN Accounts Inc,
546 Old Dear Lane,
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601.

Dear Ms. Broussard,

It gave me immense pleasure to receive your call yesterday. Though I tried to contact you two three times, your secretary could not put me through as you were busy with some meetings. But I am really glad that you took the effort to call me yesterday. I wanted to solve some doubts regarding the responsibilities and the duties that are associated with the post. I thank you for answering my queries yesterday.

I could also get a clear idea about the goals that I should set if I am selected for the post. I have updated my resume and I am attaching a copy of the same for your reference, along with this cover letter.

I contacted some people, whose reference you had given me and I got to know a lot more about the profile. I am now well assured that my decision in applying for the post was not wrong. The profile is exactly what I wanted and is very much suitable to my skills and qualification. I hope that you would take out time from your busy schedule to go through my resume, and take my interest and likeliness to join your firm, into consideration.

I would really appreciate if you could arrange an interview or a meeting in the coming few days. We can talk in detail and discuss whether my skills and qualifications will be suitable for the post or not. We can probably have lunch together if you are free.

I will be looking forward for a call or letter from you soon.


Clara C. Matthew.

1. Resume – myresume.doc
2. Certificate of appreciation, Regional Accounts Inc. – appletter.doc
3. Copy of the appreciation letter from the dean of XYZ Medical College.


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